Masters Program

The word “Master” swimmer has nothing to do with your skill level or competency, just your age. Unfortunately, the name can be intimidating to some people. Masters swimming is truly for everyone! Nationally, there are 45,000 registered Masters swimmers in the United States. This group is comprised of fitness swimmers, competitive swimmers and triathletes. A Masters swimmer is anyone over the age of 18 and the age groups go in five year blocks beginning with 19-24, 25-29, 30-30 all the way up to 95+.

The SFAC Masters program welcomes people of any ability level. We have three basic categories of swimmers:

  1. Fitness

  2. Triathlon training

  3. Competitive

We encourage competition, but it is not mandatory, and we find that once an athlete gets to a comfortable competency, they enjoy the competitive and social aspects of swimming that go along with competition and practice. When people look into the possibility of joining a Masters team, one of the stumbling points has to do with the following questions, “Am I fast enough?” “Am I good enough?” With our program there are just two prerequisites for joining. Anyone who joins needs to have both time and patience. Swimming is a very technical, athletic skill, sometimes very underrated. It looks very easy on TV! Swimming is more like a bottle of wine than a microwave. A good bottle of wine requires a bunch of grapes and time to ferment. Microwaving is fast, quick and result oriented. Learning and acquiring swimming skills is more like the fermentation process……it takes time to produce something like Michael Phelps or even just your first lap!

Breathing is normally the biggest obstacle for adults who want to learn and enjoy swimming as a form of fitness. Learning to breathe properly has steps which lead to rhythmic breathing. Learning to breathe is about patience and the ability to do many repetitions. As a teacher/coach of adults, I find most adults underestimate themselves and their ability. In our program, swimmers will get direction and encouragement from both the coach and their pool pals.