The History of FCAT

With so many new parents joining FCAT, the Board has put together a brief history of the Four Corners Aquatic Team to help you understand how the team came into existence, what the team is comprised of and where your dollars are spent.

FCAT officially came into existence in 1994. The City of Farmington decided to discontinue its competitive swimming program. A group of parents agreed to take over the operations of the team and they formed a non-profit corporation. This corporation included an elected board to run its day to day operations.

The first Head Coach hired by the team was John Gadbois. Within two years, he hired his friend from Alaska, John “Tex” Doherty. In May 2006, Tex became the team’s Head Coach when John moved out of the area. In March 2008, Tex resigned when he moved to coach in the city near his family. In April 2008, the team hired Trever Gray as a head coach.

Trever Gray, a renowned swimmer and triathlete from Sandpoint, ID, was hired as the Head Coach and Director of Operations for FCAT.  Trever comes to the Four Corners with the knowledge and talent to make aquatic sports a viable part of the four corners athletic community. With this change in leadership, the FCAT board renewed a long term ambition to raise FCAT and its swimmers to the next level in USA swimming.

Each year, swimmers from around the four corners join FCAT. They are required to pay $66 for their annual USAS (United States Aquatic Sports) registration. All of the $66 goes to USAS for swimmer’s insurance, publications, educational programs, sports medicine programs, resources and general information about swimming-related activities. Many programs nationally, including New Mexico, promote swim programs and provide for the uniform rules and consistency of swim programs.

Each FCAT swimmer/family is required to pay monthly dues, donate items for concessions and hospitality at home meets, and work at the swim meets where their swimmer is swimming. Swim meets are the team’s major source of fundraising at this time and are an intricate part of the team’s income. The monthly dues pays the salaries of the coaching staff, payroll taxes including FICA, FUTA, SUTA, health insurance, worker’s compensation, liability insurance, meet expenses, and travel expenses of the coaching staff for out of town meets. FCAT is a business with normal business expenses. It must operate at a profit to remain in business.

The purpose of the FCAT board is to provide the team direction, support, policies and a long term business plan in order for the team to remain in operation for many years to come, including after the terms of the current board members expire. The board is made up of volunteers and do not receive compensation of any kind. The Director of Operations/Head Coach runs the day to day operations of the business including coaching, collection of dues, payment of monthly bills, parent communications, and organizing team functions, just to name a few duties.  Trever is paid a salary with benefits.