5-Day Dryland Program


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LCAT Dryland

Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3 

Day 4 

Day 5


Warm up

Warm up

Warm up

Warm up 

Warm up 








Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five








5 pull ups 

5 pushups 

10 squats 

2 min work/1 min rest 


Max rounds in 11 min

10 Walking lunges

3 broad jumps

20 Mountain climbers 


90 sec rest 


5 rounds

5 hip thrusters

5 plank knee to elbow ea. Side

5 burpees 

5 yoga push up



5 rounds for time 

Wall Sit Variation #1 

5 chess press

5 overhead press

5 Straight tArm raises

Rest 90 sec


Wall Sit

Variation #2

10 pulses *no more than an inch

Hold sit :30 repeat 5 times 


Repeat 3 rounds


Plank Challenge 

1 min elbow 

Rest :30 

1 min side plank *lift leg to add challenge

Rest :30 

1 min elbow with march *no more than an inch off ground 

Rest :30 

1 min side  plank *lift leg to add challenge

Rest :30

1 min straight arm plank alternate knees to elbows


Repeat 2-3 rounds









Stretch/Foam Roll 

Stretch / Foam Roll

Stretch / Foam Roll

Stretch / Foam Roll 

Stretch / foam roll 



























Choose one 5-10 min warm up each day/ switch off each day

10 Cardio Challenge (Jumping Rope) if you don’t have one you may use your imagination 2 min- concentrate on staying in one spot on the floor (increases your focus)
2 min- Skip Forward
2 min- kick your butt with heels (work the back of legs)

2 min - lift your knees higher with each jump (work front of legs) 2 min - increase your jumping time or pace without losing form

5 minute Stationary run

:30 jog in place
:30 high knee run in place
:30 jog in place
:30 heel/butt kicks
:30 jog in place
:30 double foot hops
:30 jog in place
1:00 single leg hops *switch at :30 :30 jog in place

5 minute Jumping Jack Challenge “more isn’t better, better is better”

Technique tip: stay lifted through your waist, don’t roll onto sides of ankles, don’t let your mind wonder

1 min emphasize pulling or squeezing your legs together and pulling your arms down to your side. Imagine being pulled into a tight column each time your legs and arms are together
1 min Keep elbows bent (as if playing an accordion each time you jump and jack)
1 min Press arms up and push legs apart (as if you are doing a jumping jack underwater)

1 min Squat Jump Jack (each time you land add squat)
1 min incorporate as many of the above moves as possible