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5-Day Dryland Program

According to USA Swimming, dryland training is an essential aspect of competitive swimming that helps build additional strength, flexibility, and prehab through specific exercises, which results in improved performance in the pool. The goal of dryland training is to develop the core, increase overall muscle tone, and progress in areas of weakness to help maintain a stronger and more defined stroke when swimming.

This training is especially critical in times where swimmers are in-season, but do not have access to a pool. Please check out the links on our website under the "Dryland" tab for a 5-day dryland program (with demonstration videos), which can be easily done at home or while on the road.

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LCAT Dryland

Day 1 

Day 2 

Day 3 

Day 4 

Day 5


Warm up

Warm up

Warm up

Warm up 

Warm up 








Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five

Fabulous Five








5 pull ups 

5 pushups 

10 squats 

2 min work/1 min rest 


Max rounds in 11 min

10 Walking lunges

3 broad jumps

20 Mountain climbers 


90 sec rest 


5 rounds

5 hip thrusters

5 plank knee to elbow ea. Side

5 burpees 

5 yoga push up



5 rounds for time 

Wall Sit Variation #1 

5 chess press

5 overhead press

5 Straight tArm raises

Rest 90 sec


Wall Sit

Variation #2

10 pulses *no more than an inch

Hold sit :30 repeat 5 times 


Repeat 3 rounds


Plank Challenge 

1 min elbow 

Rest :30 

1 min side plank *lift leg to add challenge

Rest :30 

1 min elbow with march *no more than an inch off ground 

Rest :30 

1 min side  plank *lift leg to add challenge

Rest :30

1 min straight arm plank alternate knees to elbows


Repeat 2-3 rounds









Stretch/Foam Roll 

Stretch / Foam Roll

Stretch / Foam Roll

Stretch / Foam Roll 

Stretch / foam roll 



























Choose one 5-10 min warm up each day/ switch off each day

10 Cardio Challenge (Jumping Rope) if you don’t have one you may use your imagination 2 min- concentrate on staying in one spot on the floor (increases your focus)
2 min- Skip Forward
2 min- kick your butt with heels (work the back of legs)

2 min - lift your knees higher with each jump (work front of legs) 2 min - increase your jumping time or pace without losing form

5 minute Stationary run

:30 jog in place
:30 high knee run in place
:30 jog in place
:30 heel/butt kicks
:30 jog in place
:30 double foot hops
:30 jog in place
1:00 single leg hops *switch at :30 :30 jog in place

5 minute Jumping Jack Challenge “more isn’t better, better is better”

Technique tip: stay lifted through your waist, don’t roll onto sides of ankles, don’t let your mind wonder

1 min emphasize pulling or squeezing your legs together and pulling your arms down to your side. Imagine being pulled into a tight column each time your legs and arms are together
1 min Keep elbows bent (as if playing an accordion each time you jump and jack)
1 min Press arms up and push legs apart (as if you are doing a jumping jack underwater)

1 min Squat Jump Jack (each time you land add squat)
1 min incorporate as many of the above moves as possible