Q:Our child had a successful tryout and has been registered.  What do we need to know for our first practice? Our first practice is tonight, what do we wear?
Make sure you know your child's group coach and what itme to come to practice.  Then arrive a few minutes BEFORE that time.  Make sure your child dressed appropriately (for both swimming and dryland)
-Girls should wear a one-piece swim suit with secure straps; Boys should wear racing swimwear (Jammers or briefs)
-Swim Caps for everyone is strongly suggested for practice and meets; they protect hair and swimmers learn to hear the coach when their ears are covered.
-Goggles are a necessity.

Q: Where do I purchase swim gear?
A: Charger Aquatic team gear can be purchased in several ways.  Locally Streamline Athletics carries swimsuits, goggles, kickboards and other swim gear. There are several on-line options for swim apparel purchases; As a site location of Charger Aquatics we are a Speedo sponsored team; Speedo purchases can be made online at D&J Sports.  Charger spirit wear is ordered numerous times throughout the year, emails are sent out when an order is being placed.

Q: How does my child advance into the next group?
 A: Swimmers are assigned to specific practice groups based upon the coach's assessment of skill level and training ability.  Factors such as age, practice habits and attendance, emotional maturity, skill development, commitment and attitude also affect a swimmer's placement.  Swimmers may "move-up" to the next tier of practice group progression, at the discretion of their coach, based on the above criteria.  They can answer specific move-up questions regarding your swimmer; all move-ups are handled on a case-by-case basis.
Please note: Team dues increase when your swimmer moves to a higher skill group, as these levels practice more frequently and for a longer duration.  This dues increase will be reflected on the monthly statement following the group change.

Q: How do I pay my monthly dues?
We require a credit/debit card be on file in our electronic billing system.  We do not accept cash or checks.

Q: Where are the majority of swim meets held?
A: Most swim meets are held in the Albuquerque metro area.  Charger Aquatics hosts several meets each year; others are hosted at pools around the city.  there are occasional overnight trips, and one out-of-state travel trip per season for senior swimmers.  Please refer to the meet schedule on the website for details.  Separate Meet Survival guide is also posted. 

Q:  Which strokes will my child be learning?
A: The swimmers are learning and perfecting Freestyle (FR), Backstroke(BK), Breaststroke(BR), and Butterfly (FLY). The event called the Individual Medley (IM) gives them the opportunity to swim each stroke in this order: FL, BK, BR, FR.

Q: Does my child REALLY have to go to ALL of these practices?
Yes! It’s important to attend scheduled practices; the coaches check attendance at every practice, and the attendance records are a factor in the decision making for group advancement. Another important aspect of attending regular practice is the bonding and friendship building that happens in the practice pool, as these teammates are likely to advance together through the various levels over the years.

Q: Can we just come to practice regularly and not attend the swim meets?
A: The swim meets are your child’s forum to “show his/her stuff”. This is where all the hard work in practice pays off (or where swimmers learn they are not working hard ENOUGH!). Also, it really inspires the swimmers’ sense of team spirit to attend meets and be a part of that sea of bright yellow CAQ caps, and your child will absorb that feeling of team pride. Swimming is ultimately about racing and times, and the coaches need to see how well they are progressing. Yes, it is scary at first - for the swimmer as well as their parents. It gets easier with each meet.... really!

Q: Are there practices and meets in the summer? What about during holidays? 
A: Yes to both. As a USA Swimming team, CAQ practices and competes year round. The summer practice schedule is somewhat different from the school year schedule. Practice schedules also vary during holidays, swim meets, and school breaks; watch for changes on the website or through emails.

Q: May I watch my child practice? Where.......? 
A: Yes. But please stay in the bleacher area and only approach the coaches before or after practice or to let them know you want to speak with them.
it is your responsibility to ensure that your swimmer is properly supervised before and after practice. CAQ policy states that swimmers should be delivered to and picked up from the practice facility within 10 minutes of their scheduled practice times. Children should not be left unsupervised while their siblings are swimming. Coaches are not babysitters. There is no supervision by a team staff member after practice ends.

Q: I’ve got a few questions for my child’s coach; if I can’t talk to them during practice, how do I get in touch with him/her? 
A: For everyone’s safety, please approach the coaches before or after practice. You may also use the contact form on the website, which goes to team administrators and the head coaches.


Q: How does the team communicate general information to its members? 
A: The most effective way to communicate with all of our swim families is through email. Please be sure we have a correct email address for anyone who should be receiving CAQ information; please check your email regularly for updates.

The website is also a great resource, particularly regarding meets. We will post any last-minute changes (such as pool closures or snow days) on the website home page, so check it frequently as well. If you want to receive text messages about urgent issues, please make sure to put that info in your account on the website and verify your number/emails

Q: I understand there’s a volunteer requirement. What’s that all about? 
A: Yes, our team NEEDS you, opportunities for volunteering abound! We set the number of service hours at the beginning of each season and that requirement is in the contract you sign at the beginning of the year.
We must work together in order host successful meets. The swim seasons run Sept 1- February 28 (short course) and March 1 – August 31 (long course).
We will call for volunteers for meets put on by CAQ but there are non-meet opportunities.
Non-meet opportunities include heading up one of the committees, fund raising and sponsorships, and organizing social activities for each group. Our website, , will provide you with the ability to sign up for swim meet related jobs on l ine. All positions will be available on a first come, first served basis.

Q: I’m overwhelmed. Who can help me? 
A: If you stay to watch practice, get to know the other parents in your group; many of them have been in the program for years and are very knowledgeable in the ways of the swim world. This is NOT, however, a time to engage in rumors, gossip or complaints regarding any aspects of the team or other swimmers. If you have specific questions regarding your swimmer or any aspects of their training, please contact your coach directly
Contact information for the team administrators is on the website if you have questions about your bill, etc.

Please ask questions! Most parents didn’t know what they were doing when they joined either!