Delinquent Account Policy

Delinquent Account Policy

The purpose of this statement is to formally establish our policy with regards to the handing of delinquent accounts. Members who have an outstanding balance inevitably undermine the health and success of our club. We hope that we will always be able to solve any problem regarding a members payment obligation through communication.

Our membership fees are structured so that the club can maintain a viable swimming program. Your timely payments contribute to or overall financial well begin and our ability to pay for our excellent coaches, desirable pool time and covering all the related costs of insurance taxes. We are understanding that from time-to-time people can fall behind on their payments. But we must adhere to the following established procedures:

  • A delinquent account notice will be sent to you notifying you of your account status. After receipt of a delinquent account notice a member will have 15 days to pay their account in full. In the event of extraordinary circumstances, which have been communicated to Roadrunner Aquatics LLC (dba Roadrunners of Albuquerque Aquatic Club) administration, we will work with the delinquent member to establish an acceptable payment plan.
  • If Roadrunner Aquatics LLC (dba Roadrunners of Albuquerque Aquatic Club) administration has not heard from the delinquent member by the end of the 15 days or if an acceptable formal payment plan is not established and maintained, the account swimmer (s) will no longer be allowed to practice with the team nor be entered into any competitions or social events. These accounts will bear late fees and interest at the rate of 18% per annum.  Accounts to continue to be delinquent and where no established payment is in effect or maintained will be declined for renewal registration for the next season.
  • All payment plans must be paid in full by the end of each swim season. Roadrunner Aquatics LLC (dba Roadrunners of Albuquerque Aquatic Club) administration reserves the right to collect all outstanding balances through legal collection processes, including late fees and interest as stated above and legal fees incurred in the collection process.

The LAST thing Roadrunner Aquatics LLC (dba Roadrunners of Albuquerque Aquatic Club) administration wants is for an overdue account balance to force us to deny any swimmer from being apart of our club. We have every intention to working with our families to avoid penalties due to delinquencies and will assist with acceptable payment programs where they are truly necessary.  Communication, however, is the key to our ability to do so.