Volunteer Hours Info

Sea Dragons Swim Club Mandatory Volunteer Requirements and Opportunities

In order for our club-hosted meets and events to be successful, we need the assistance from all families! All families are expected to volunteer at least 24 hours during the season. In the event you are unable to meet those 24 hours, your Sea Dragons account will be charged $10 for every missing hour. Of these 24 hours:

  • At least 12 hours must be completed between the Fire in the Water meet and the Snowball meet, with a minimum of 4 hours completed per meet
  • Families failing to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours at the Fire in the Water meet will be charged the day after the meet $10 per hour not completed (up to $40)
  • Families failing to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours at the Snowball meet and a combined total of at least 12 hours during both meets will be charged the day after the meet $10 per hour not completed (up to $80)
  • Families will have the rest of the swim year to complete the rest of their volunteer hour commitment and will be charged the day after Splash Bash $10 per hour not completed (up to $120)

Our hope is not to have any families charged but that this will encourage more participation at our events.

Throughout the year there are several opportunities for you to meet the 24 hours:

SDSC-Hosted Meets:

  • Awards Team Leader – oversight of awards table. Awards table typically placed in hallway between pool and cafeteria.
  • Awards Table Staff – using meet results to label awards during the meet.
  • Awards Heat Ribbon Presenter – on deck presenting heat winner ribbon to swimmer taking first place in their heat.
  • Clerk of Course – in the cafeteria lining swimmers up for their events and escorting younger swimmers out to pool deck to ensure they stay in order.
  • Colorado Timing Equipment Operator – on pool deck at computer table. This is the equipment used to the electronic timing system.
  • Computer Operator – on pool deck at computer table. Operating computer to manage results.
  • Computer Table Backup/Training.
  • Concessions Staff – in the cafeteria selling items to swimmers and families.
  • Concessions Team Coordinator – organizing items needed to be sold at concession table, setting up and oversight of concession throughout event. Seek community donations for the concessions (Tim Horton, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, etc). Coordinate delivery time for pizza if being sold.
  • Head Timer – on deck providing instruction and oversight to lane timers.
  • Hospitality Coordinator – coordinating hospitality (food and drinks) for coaches and officials during the meet.
  • Hospitality Staff – ensuring hospitality for coaches and officials is maintained throughout the meet. Rounding on deck with water for those working the meet.
  • Lane Timer – on deck, typically with a partner. Using stop watch to time swimmer in your lane, record on clip board. Most pools also require one timer to use “plunger” to back up electronic timing system.
  • Marshal – helping to promote a safe swim meet for all. Typically stationed on pool deck and/or cafeteria to ensure no running, no parents beyond certain point, etc.
  • Meet Operations Team Leader – oversight of all aspects of the meet.
  • Meet Runner – on deck, in cafeteria. Picking up timers sheets to deliver to timer table. Taking results sheets from timer table to deliver to awards table.
  • Meet Tech Coordinator – oversight of all technical aspects of meet (timing system, computer, etc.).
  • Officials – Must be certified by USA Swimming.
  • Program Sales – at pool entrance. Selling programs to spectators as they arrive to the meet.
  • Programs Team Leader – oversight of meet program production and sales.
  • Set-Up and Clean-Up Before and After Meet.
  • Volunteer Coordinator – oversight of family sign ups, ensuring enough volunteers are available, assisting in communication with volunteers the day of meet.
  • Various food and other donations – families are asked to donate food and beverage items for both the concessions as well as hospitality area.

SDSC Committees:

Committee participation yields in volunteer hours. Committee signups are on the Events page of the Sea Dragons website.

  • Awards
  • Banquet
  • Fundraising
  • Holiday Party
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Psych Nights
  • Splash Bash
  • Swim-A-Thon
  • Team building

SDSC Board:

Board members receive 4 volunteer hours

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • Past President
  • Registrar
  • Meet Director
  • Officials Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Event Coordinator
  • Pool Rep

Parent Supervisor at East Rochester Open Swim Nights:

Sea Dragons Swim Club provides adult supervision during East Rochester Open Swim times. Hours of
volunteer coverage will equal volunteer hours earned.

Food Donations:

A number of club-hosted events (meets, Holiday party, Splash Bash, etc) require food donations, either
store-bought or prepared dishes, drinks, snacks, etc. Food/drink donations will count for volunteer time.


In order to become certified, officials are required to attend a clinic, take a test, and shadow on deck with other officials. Hours earned are as follows:

  • Clinic 2 hours
  • Test 2 hours
  • Shadowing actual hours worked
  • Officiating actual hours worked

SDSC will reimburse participants for the cost of background checks, and the club will take care of the USA Swim registration and associated cost, with the anticipation of officials participating in officiating meets once they are certified.

NON-SDSC-Hosted Meets:

Many times clubs will ask for assistance with volunteers at their meets. Typically they are asking for timers, officials, and marshals. We are usually notified right before the meet of what the needs will be.

Public Service Record:

The club volunteer coordinator will update the volunteer records monthly and distribute to all club members. This will be an opportunity to track your hours and suggest corrections.

Summer Long Course Season:

Families participating in long course season may be expected to volunteer (timers, officials, marshal, etc) at meets where they have children competing.