ATAC needs your a volunteer! 

Specifics can be found under FORMS 2017-2018 Member Handbook

As a USA Swimming Club, ATAC is a non-profit organization supported by dues, fundraising and most importantly volunteers. ATAC has numerous operating expenses: pool rental fees, equipment, coaches salaries, and administrative expenses. Dues pay only a portion of overall club expenses. Fundraising, donations and revenues from swim meets hosted or co-hosted by ATAC make up the balance of income needed to run the club.

What does this mean? ATAC needs you to Volunteer!
ATAC needs you to be present and volunteer at swim meets hosted or co-hosted by ATAC. Numerous volunteers are needed to run a successful swim meet. Volunteer positions range from safety marshals, timers, hospitality, clerk of course, and awards.

ATAC needs you to participate in and suggest new fundraising events for the club.

ATAC needs you to suggest donors (retailers, businesses, etc.) who may be willing to sponsor/support our team.

ATAC needs you to support the club in order to support our swimmers.

Family Participation Plan
ATAC hosts or sponsors 2-4 USA Swimming-sanctioned swim meets throughout the year, along with a number of other events, such as the Blue/Black Inter-Squad Meet, the Swim-a-Thon, and various team socials. All of these events require a significant amount of parent and/or swimmer participation to make them successful.

We require each member of our team to assist in running the team. Each ATAC family is required to volunteer a minimum of four (4) swim meet sessions during the year. There will be an assessment of $75/session at the end of each twelve-month period if this commitment is not met.

We are confident that our membership is strong, eager, and ready to support ATAC. Prove us right - let us know that you are ready to volunteer. Please contact your child's coach or ATAC Volunteer Coordinator -