How to Join

Join the Mustangs!


We hold tryouts every Wednesday evening at: 

HP High School  5:30pm
Loos Natatorium  6:00pm
White Rock Pool  6:00pm

No need to make a reservation, just show up and report to the coach on deck. Please bring a copy of swimmer's birth certificate to the try-outs.

The Dallas Mustangs have OPEN TRY-OUTS every Wednesday for swimmers 5-18 years of age wishing to take that next step in swimming at the above locations. The Dallas Mustangs offer a variety of programs including learn-to-swim classes, structured age-group and national level practices for young swimmers interested in year-round swimming. 

Try-outs for the team involve the swimmer meeting one of our coaches and going through a brief swim where they demonstrate their swimming skills. Based upon the try-out, the coach recommends the work-out group best suited for the swimmer. Swimmers must be accompanied by a parent during the try-out. A photocopy of the swimmer's birth certificate, or other legal document showing the swimmer's full name and date of birth, needs to be provided to the team at the try-out.

The fee schedule and other information about the Mustangs can be found in our "About" tab.  Click HERE for fee schedule. 

USASwimming requires a photocopy of a birth certificate or other legal document stating the athlete’s legal name and date of birth be provided at try-outs.

When considering a swimming program ask about...

Flexibility- We recognize the importance of a kid being a kid. Among young swimmers there are high priority things like birthday parties, soccer games, scouts, etc. We encourage these activities and have a practice schedule that works with you.

Stability & Strength- The Dallas Mustangs have operated for 28 years and have a strong membership, board and dedicated parent volunteers.

Coaching Continuity- Our head coach, Mark "Mook" Rhodenbaugh, a graduate of SMU and former U.S. National Champion in backstroke, is committed to our swimmers and has been with us for 21 years. Over this period, Mook has received North Texas Coach of the Year honors numerous times as well as additional regional and national honors.

Record of Achievement- The Mustangs consistently finish as one of the top age-group teams in Texas at the biannual Texas Age-group (TAGS) Championships. Past and current members include NCAA All-Americas, Texas High School Record Holders, U.S. National, World and Olympic Champions.

Team Focus- Ours is to develop a program for each swimmer based on their skill, age and interest. It is our belief that swimming with the Dallas Mustangs develops many enduring life skills which include self discipline, goal setting, sportsmanship, teamwork, nutritional awareness, confidence, persistence, responsibility, time management, concentration and - 

Are We Having Fun Yet?
We just don't go to practices and swim meets! Annually the team coordinates a number of special activities for members.

Examples include -

  • Season kick-off picnic
  • Annual swimmer recognition banquet
  • TAGS fire up parties
  • Holiday party with team skits
  • Tailgating at the Ballpark
  • Intra-squad Meets
  • Summer out of town trip to meet