Mustang Policies


This tab contains information on Dallas Mustang Team Policies including termination rules, volunteer commitments, and other important policies.  For information on How to Join the team and Tryout dates, please click HERE

Termination Agreement

In the event that a swimmer wishes to end his or her relationship with the Dallas Mustangs, it is the responsibility of the swimmer to notify both the Registrar (Lia Oberstar-Brown and the Billing Coordinator (Lisa Steed lisa3740@att.netIN WRITING before charges will be stopped.

This notice must be received by the 15th of the month prior to charges cancelling. For example, if you wish to leave the team in January, you must render notification by December 15th. Merely telling your coach that you wish to leave the team will not stop your charges. It is also the swimmer's responsibility to pay in full any outstanding charges before leaving the team. If outstanding charges are not paid within 30 days, a fine of $100 will be assessed.

If you wish to return to the Dallas Mustangs later in the same season, you must pay a $100 reinstatement fee before being allowed to begin practicing with the team.

Volunteer Commitment

Every Mustang family is required and agrees to volunteer in at least TWO sessions per year at a Mustang-hosted meet. In addition, if a swimmer is competing in a Mustang hosted meet, each swimmer's family is required and agrees to work at least TWO sessions in that particular meet. Failure to meet this commitment will result in a $200 fine.

Other Team Policies

These are the policies governing our Team Travel Policy; Electronic Communications on our Team; USA Swimming Best Practices; and the Mustangs Anti-Bullying policy that have all been reviewed and adopted by the Team's Board of Directors. These are all being made a part of the bylaws of the Team and we expect all of our coaches, athletes, parents, volunteers, and Team officials to abide by these policies in connection with all of our Team activities. Your continued payment of dues, registration as a member of our Team, or participation in any of the activities of the Team, signifies your agreement to accept these policies and abide by them:

Mustangs Travel Policy

Mustangs Electronic Communication Policy

Mustangs Anti-Bullying Policy

USA Swimming Best Practices