My Account Info

My Account Information

All information in your account can be accessed though the "My Account" tab after you login, under the left-side column.  If you do not have a log in, please contact our website coordinator, Shelly Chambers.

Once you have the "My Account" tab open, you will see a series of sub tabs.

To view your account information, and make changes to your email, phone, or address, click on the "My Account" sub tab.  

  • To change an email: highlight the address and click "Edit Selected".  Make changes and "Save".  You can also add up to three additional emails to your account.  They will receive all communications sent out by the Dallas Mustangs, but you will only have one login email. 
  • You can make changes to your mailing address and phone and "save". 

To update/change your credit card, go to "Setup AutoPay" sub tab.

  • Click the blue "select" button to edit your credit card on file.
  • Make changes and "save."

To view your invoices, select "$My Invoice Payment" sub tab.

  • View your current invoices, a detail of those charges, and your billing history as well. 

To view your individual meet results, select "My Meet Results" sub tab.

  • Here you can see all of the results from every meet your child has swam.  The times should be the same as those found in the USA Swimming SWIMS database.   
  • You can compare your times to various time standards (Age Group, TAGS, Sectionals) and see how far ahead/behind your times are from the standard.
  • You can sort by best times, best events, top 5 or top 10 times by event, etc.