Our History
   Welcome to the History Page of the Fort Worth Area Swim Team.  On this page you will learn some of the History and Highlights that have occurred over the past 26 years.  FAST is extremely proud of it's history and accomplishments and understands that with every new swim season, this history has the chance to become longer and richer.  It is our hope that our FAST members embrace and celebrate our past and use it as motivation to be a big part of our FUTURE!  And if you are a prospective member reading about us for the first time, we hope you are EXCITED to be a part of our Team and strive to make your own mark at FAST!
   Formed in 1989, (through predecessor programs - Fort Worth Swim Club, Frog Aquatics, Texas Aquatics, Fort Worth Water Works and Tarrant County Aquatic Team-TCAT, and now Fort Worth Area Swim Team) "FAST" has been providing professionally coached swimming since the 1970's.  As FAST has grown, so have the superlatives our program has developed.  Since its formation, FAST has produced several Top 10 team finishes at both the Texas State Age Group Championships (TAGS) and the USA Swimming Southern Zone Sectional Championships.  In addition, FAST has been and continues to be represented well at major National and International caliber meets as illustrated in our "Superlative" section below. 
   Highlighting our FAST history of excellence, in 2004 Dana Vollmer became FAST's first Olympic Finalist and Champion and World Record Holder in Athens, Greece.  Four years later, in 2008, marked our return to the Olympic Games as FAST swimmer Camilo Becerra represented Colombia in Beijing.  Then, in 2012 Summer Olympics, Dana Vollmer set the world record on her way to the gold medal in the 100-meter butterfly. 
   In 2005, FAST was the first USA Swimming club not directly affiliated with an NCAA Division 1 team in the state of Texas to be named a USA Swimming National Club Excellence "Gold Medal Club".  This designation was bestowed on only 20 teams in the country based on high performance, contributions to the administration and governance of the sport, and best practices in team business. Currently in 2012 FAST is a Bronze Medal team and has also covered the entire spectrum of the medal stand in the last several years being named a Silver Medal team in 2011. 
*  FAST has placed an athlete at EVERY major International swim meet conducted on Earth from 2000-2011.  A feat very few swim teams have done in America. 
*  Had current athletes represent their country and FAST at the 2004 and 2008 Olympic Games (in 2004 resulting in 1 Olympic Gold medal and World Record).
*  4 athletes for FAST have competed at the World Championships. 
*  6 athletes have competed for FAST at the Pan-American Games  (including 3 finalists and 1 medalist and 1 Champion).
*  2 FINA 18 and Under World Championship qualifiers (both medalists - 1 Gold Medalist).
*  2 NCAA Champions since 2004 swam for FAST during their age group/high school years.
*  Top 15 "TAGS" team in 7 of the last 15 years.
*  The First USA Swimming Club not directly affiliated with an NCAA Division 1 team in the State of Texas to be named USA Swimming Club Excellence "Gold Medal Club" (Top 20 Swim Clubs in USA were given this distinction in 2005). 
*  In 2011, FAST was named a USA Swimming Club Excellence "Silver Medal Club" and in 2012 a "Bronze Medal Club" (Top 100 and Top 150 Swim Clubs in USA). 
*  From 2001 to 2015, FAST has had an athlete on either the USA National or Junior National (18+Under) Team for 10 of the past 14 years. 
*  FAST has aided it's athletes to athletic scholarships at a wide variety of universities at all competitive levels to the tune of millions of dollars in athletic aid.
*  And many, many swimmers, both young and old, had and have a LOT of FUN being part of FAST!!! 
  We at the Fort Worth Area Swim Team take pride at our elite athletic accomplishments that help FAST to arguably be the # 1 amateur sports team in Fort Worth over the past decade.  We continue to strive to continue a tradition of excellence and performance that can also place FAST in the conversation for being the # 1 International caliber High Performance "club" swim team (non-NCAA or NCAA affiliated) in Texas from 2001-2013 based off it's direct accomplishments.
Our Coaches hope that you are excited to be a part of our Team and our History.  Know that when you are a part of FAST -- you are a part of something special.  We are always looking for the next swimmers who want to be a part of our rich history and place their own 'wet footprint' alongside the ones that have come before and helped to make FAST the team it is today......and what it will be tomorrow and beyond!