Pre Seniors




Pre Seniors Group Division


Pre Senior (PS) - 13 & 14

AGE: 13 & 14

Overview:   Year-round commitment to swimming is expected. This group is designed for swimmers ages 13 & 14 who are preparing to move into the senior level of training and competition. Practices increase in intensity and duration. Stroke refinement is still a priority; in addition, this group is dedicated to interval-based swim training, development of a strong aerobic base and speed work. Dryland also increases and becomes more specific. Meet participation is mandatory as is attendance at the highest level meet for which a swimmer qualifies.
Goals:   Swimmers will establish goals towards achieving A times, Zone, Sectional and Jr National Times
Focus:   Aerobic Capacity training, 200 pace base, develop 400IM, 500 Free, and Mile
Attendance:   6 days a week minimum (Saturdays required)
Meets:   USS meets
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