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National Team (NT) - 13 & UP


Overview:   The Senior National Group is a highly competitive training group designed for our most advanced swimmers who are willing and able to prepare and perform at the highest levels of USS & College Swimming. Swimmers in the Senior National Group are offered 9 - 10, 2 to 3 hour practices per week (3h practices include 1h of dryland exercise - offered 5x/week). NT Swimmers are offered ?doubles" (morning AND evening practices on the same day) several times/week throughout the year.
Training will include dry-land strength and conditioning program with specific seasonal plan, swimmers are asked to maintain a minimum practice attendance of at least 80%, monthly attendance averages will be kept in swimmers files. Senior National Group Swimmers are expected compete in USA Meets. NT Swimmers not maintaining 80% practice average will be ineligible for team travel. Only the Head Coach is able to make exceptions to this policy.
Dry land is offered every day for 1 hour per session in addition to the water time. The Senior Team is designed to prepare athletes for competition in Senior State, Sectional, Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals, Grand Prix, Trials and other selected meets. Selection to this group is by invitation only and is based on a variety of factors including, but not limited to, talent, work ethic, a desire to train and compete at this level, attendance, and a commitment to personal and team excellence. Swimmers who meet the prerequisites and choose to enter this group will be presented with a challenging training program geared towards future success. All high school Juniors and Seniors will be encouraged to continue swimming in college. Swimmers are guided through a periodization training system. The year is split into 3 seasons, which is then broken down into 4-week training cycles.
Focus:   The emphasis will be on physical and emotional preparation for eventual movement to the National/International Level Competitions. Senior National Group will focus on issues such as advanced stroke mechanics, training of specific energy systems, perfecting race strategies, proper nutrition, individual goals setting/log book, and understanding the importance of proper mental preparation to build swimmers with knowledge and help achieve their full potential.
Goals:   To become an elite swimmer. Achieve national cuts. Achieving ?AAA? or higher time standards. Maintaining an optimal training work ethic and establish high training goals. Maintaining advanced stroke technique and racing skills. Optimizing time management and building a strong character. Developing leadership skills. Having Fun!
Attendance:   6 days a week minimum
Meets:   USS Meets
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