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O2 Mobile Tools 


For Parents and Swimmers


OnDeck Parent

Connect to Your Team

OnDeck Parent™ is a free mobile app feature from TeamUnify that allows O2s parents to access their family accounts from any smart phone or mobile device.  You can do any function on the mobile device that you can do from your home computer, including updating account information, reviewing volunteer job assignments, inputting meet entries for swimmers, and reviewing swim meet results. And it can all be done right from the POOL DECK! 

To access the team information through OnDeck Parent, you will need to reference our team alias, which is: ntis

Meet Mobile

Track meet progress

Some of the venues have the ability to publish live results through Meet Mobile. View those Real Time swim results from anywhere.

Deck Pass

Connect with all your swimming friends

All swimmers, from state champions to summer leaguers, can track their times with the log book and even keep track of their personal goals through Deck Pass and Deck Pass Plus. USA Swimming members can also look up their times and recent meets, check their IMX scores, and see all of the Deck Pass patches they’ve earned.