Move Up






Factors that weigh into group placement and group move-up decisions: 

1)  Level of commitment to practice attendance and competition expectations
2)  Training group effort and behavior
3)  Psychological maturity level
4)  Physiological needs
5)  Competitive maturity
6)  Independence and self-reliance
7)  Age
8)  Leadership abilities
9)  Coach-ability 

9)  Time Standard


Swimmers may be asked to move into different lanes during practice. This does not affect the swimmer’s group placement. 


The overall goal in creating progressive training groups is to develop skill proficient athletes that are able to advance their training and competitive swimming career through consistent practice and competition events. The integration process builds upon a prerequisite skill set that must be in place before advancement is pursued.

The following guidelines are in place for the best interest of the athlete, the athlete’s family and the integrity of the various training groups on O2 Performance Aquatics. They are also in place to allow the Coaching Staff the ability to maintain group integrity and allow a thoughtful athlete driven advancement curve that ensure long term athlete development.

The Coaching Staff is responsible for all group move-up decisions.

1. Group move ups are dependant on coach decision and evaluation of the athletes' development. For pre-competitive groups White, Blue and Green, they will be evaluated monthly. Copper will be evaluated every 3 months (Jan - March, April - June, July - Sept, Oct-Dec). Competitive groups Bronze through Nationals will be evaluated approximately every 6 months (March - Aug / Sept - Feb). 

2. The athlete may make a complete move integrating themselves into the new group if they are skill and commitment ready.

3. The athlete may make a gradual move partially participating in the new group as well as the previous group for an adjustment period to be determined by the all the coaches and only the coaches.

4. The athlete and their family will not make any group changes unless they are aware of the group requirements and have committed to adhering to those expectations.

5. If there are any questions among any of the individuals (athlete, family or group coaches) the Head Coach may become involved as a final voice on the merit of a group move.