Pre Competitive 10 & Under





Pre-Competition Division - Age 10 & Under


10&Under Group Division - Beginners

Beginners - WHITE - BLUE - GREEN

Overview:   Primarily students 5 to 10 yrs. & older,  that can swim without assistance.
These Groups are designed to give stroke instruction to swimmers who don't know all 4 strokes. The swimmers will join this group just because they love swimming and want to learn more.
O2 offers to novice-level swimmers a chance to enhance their swimming skills beyond swim lessons. This is a great opportunity for swimmers who want to improve their technique, conditioning, and competitive skills, but are not yet
ready for our full competitive swim team. This program is designed to train and prepare swimmers for the competitive swim team.

Swimmers in the Developmental levels are working towards a greater knowledge of the 4 basic competitive strokes (FL, BA, BR, FR), and are developing a solid foundation for the program. Entries into this level are required to pass out of the Swim School program, or complete a level assessment with a O2 coach. Swimmers age up to the respective Developmental group. If an athlete achieves the required qualifying time in all 4 competitive strokes prior to aging up, then he/she will move to the appropriate Training Group.


The focus is FUN

We implement an LTAD (Long Term Athlete Development ) Learn, learn and have fun.

Minimum Requirement:   2 practices a week (out of 5 practices offered weekly) 
Entrance Requirement:   A tryout with Head Coach is required for entrance into this group.
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How to Sign Up:  

All swimmers must be evaluated before registering. Evaluations are held, by appointment, only. An evaluation can be scheduled by emailing us.

Please fill out the registration form and complete registration in our office.

If your child was a Summer Swim Team swimmer, please attach a copy of your end of season Certificate of Completion to your registration form

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