Fees & Obligations




Membership in O2 Performance Aquatics (O2) is open to all swimmers and families regardless of race, religion or nationality. As a youth member of O2, are required to become a member of USA Swimming, our sanctioned organization. The USA Swimming registration form must be completed and the fee paid no later than one week after joining the team. 

Membership Dues

Dues are billed and should be paid monthly. Invoices arrive on the 1st of the month via the primary email address provided by the account holder and payment must be made by the 10th of the month. Dues submitted after the 10th will be assessed a $10 late fee by the automated billing system. If a partial payment is made on the total outstanding balance, the billing system will still charge a late fee 






























Juniors 1




Juniors 2




Pre-Seniors 1




Pre-Seniors 2













One Rate all pools workouts plus Yoga



    @ Reduced Rates for HS Swimmers - Must be on HS Swim team (September - February only) 

Annual Membership Fee - Youth 

The annual membership fee due upon registering (per swimmer) for the team and renewing membership for all active youth swimmers each September. 


Annual Membership Fee - Youth


Number of Members



First member on account






Second member on account






Additional members on account








The membership fee for new members will be prorated based on the following schedule


September - November






December -  February






March - May






June - July












USA Swimming Fees

All youth members of the O2 Performance Aquatics are required to become a member of and pay an annual fee to USA Swimming regardless of whether you attend swim meets. Your USA Swimming membership provides you with insurance coverage during practice, swim meets, all club activities, and travel to and from these events. The USA Swimming registration form must be completed and the fee paid no later than one week after joining the team. This form should accompany your registration each year and is included in the registration payment. Applicants new to USA Swimming must also provide a copy (no originals) of their birth certificate as well. If transferring from another team, a USA Swimming transfer form is used.

 Annual membership


 Outreach Athlete Registration (1) 


 Seasonal membership April 15 - August 31


 Transfer within the North Texas LSC

$6 per athlete

 Transfer into North Texas LSC from another LSC

$12 per athlete

(1) Outreach forms must be accompanied by a letter on school district letterhead for the current school year stating the athlete is eligible for the free school lunch program.  No outreach will be processed without documentation.

Annual Fundraising Requirement - Youth

To meet O2 Performance Aquatics financial obligations as a team, fundraising is a vital component of our income. Each year in the spring, O2 hosts a Swim-a-Thon where swimmers of every age-group level participate. Each swimmer is required to raise a minimum of $200 for this event whether they actually participate or not. Receiving pledges from friends and family is generally the way to accomplish this goal. If this goal is not met by each swimmer, the $200 (or difference between $200 and what is raised by each swimmer) will be assessed on the next invoice.  (Family max is $300) Termination from the team does not release the member from these obligations. (note O2 is a 501(c)(3) organization all donations are tax deductible)  

 Invoiced in month following the actual event or raised through Swim-a-thon donations


Family Service Hours Obligation - Youth

O2 Performance Aquatics is a non-profit organization run solely by it member families. We strive to keep our rates as low as possible and still provide a quality program for our athletes. With this in mind, our volunteers are our life-blood. Each family is expected to provide a minimum of 10 hours of service for team activities throughout the year.  There are many service opportunities like the Swim-a-Thon, team social activities, serving on the Board of Directors. 

These hours may be provided by any member of the account or by extended family. A $10 per hour fee will be assessed on the August invoice for any volunteer hours not fulfilled. There are numerous opportunities offered throughout the year for volunteering as well as many ongoing positions with the team. Hours can be earned August 1 through July 31.

Prorated hours based on registration date:

Joined the team                                                          Number of Hours
 September - October  10
 November - December 8
 January - February  6
 March - April  4
 May - June  2
 July - August  0

All accounts are reset on August 1 of each year.

 10 hours per family

$10 per hour invoiced in August for hours not worked, maximum $100

Meet Expenses - Youth

Swim meet event entry fees are on a per per meet basis and are depending on the number of events entered are the responsibility of the swimmer. Once events are agreed to by the swimmer and are entered with the swim meet host team, the fees will be invoiced and payment will be expected regardless of whether the swimmer actually attends the meet or swims the events. Occasional team trip expenses may be required when the team travels to an away meet. 


Each swimmer is expected to have specific equipment for training. These items are purchased by the athlete cost varies. See "Equipment" under the "O2 Swimmers" tab at the top of the website .   

Remitting Payments

When you register as a member of O2 Performance Aquatics you are agreeing to pay the dues for the swimmer's practice level that is set forth on the on this page. Each family is responsible for additional fees including, but not limited to, fundraising, meet fees, late fees and unfulfilled service hours. Dues may be prepaid at any time. Monthly fees are not prorated except when a swimmer is transferred to a different team within O2 by the coaching staff. In this case, the difference in dues of the two practice levels will be prorated for the remainder of the swim year.

If payment of a monthly invoice is not received in full each month and the account becomes 60 days over due, all swimmers of that family will be suspended from further participation in all O2 activities including, but not limited to, practices, events and swim meets. If the parent becomes delinquent in payment of invoice and assessments because of financial hardship, he/she may apply to the Treasurer for a waiver of late fees and suspension. A waiver may be granted by O2 if satisfactory arrangements are made for payment of the delinquent amounts.

Unless arrangements have been made to make payments via credit card or ACH, all payments to O2 must be made by check, money order or cashier's check, no cash.

Make checks payable to "O2 Performance Aquatics".

Remit payment by dropping it off inside the drop-box located in the storage cage inside the North Lake Aquatic Center or by mailing to  

O2 Performance Aquatics
P.O. Box 168173
Irving, TX