Inclement Weather

In order of priority / sequence:

First, check the North Lake College website - , If the college campus is closed, then all college services are canceled and Irving Swimmers / Irving Masters will NOT meet.


Second, if the temperature is either at or below freezing and we have either had or there's a forecast of some form of precipitation (rain, sleet, hail, snow), then Irving Swimmers / Masters will not meet.


Third, if the first two conditions above are not met, then use your own judgment - if in doubt and the weather seems bad to you, then please stay home.


North Lake does have a lightning detection system that will alert the pool staff and management of any possible lightning in the area, if it sounds the pool will be evacuated immediately. Swimmer and staff will not be allowed back into the pool for a minimum of 30 minutes, depending on the timing the remainder of practice maybe canceled. If you are trying to determine weather to travel to the pool if storms are in the area please call the pool and ask if the pool is open or closed.      


WAC does not require swimmers to evacuate the pool area in lightning.


If you deem the weather conditions to be safe enough for you to drive, then you may call in advance to the North Lake Aquatic center at 972-273-3531 and inquire if the facility is open.  WAC staff can be contacted at 469-713-5200.


For Masters, if you arrive at Northlake in the morning, the pool is open, and the coach is not there because of weather,  you may swim as "Public" patrons.  At the WAC, a coach must be on deck to get into the water. 


For Irving Youth, there must be a certified USA Swimming Coach on deck at all times for you to enter the pool, regardless of the weather conditions.


Finally, if Irving Swimmers or the North Lake Aquatic Center Management decides to cancel workouts, then the team will send out a broadcast email and give you as much advance notice prior to scheduled start of your workout as we can.


Remember, Safety First!