How to Sign-up to Swim or Volunteer

Instructions on How to Sign-up for Meets and Events online:

You must be signed in to your account.

1) Click on Meets/Events tab located across the top banner of the website

2) Select the desired Meet/Event 

3) Select "Attend this event"

4) Click on Member name to declare for the event.

5) Once you do this, pull down the drop down box and select, "Yes, this swimmer will attend the meet."

6) You can either
          --> let the coach select your events 
         --> select your own events (be sure to follow bonus rules)
**You can leave a note 
in regards to sessions and/or events or particular comments for coaches to see when approving events. 

7) After you are finished, remember to save changes.

**To sign-up to work/volunteer at a meet:  Click on Meets/Events tab. Click on job-sign up and select an available job. Be sure to choose SUBMIT/SIGN UP at the bottom of the page.  Your should then see your name beside the chosen job. Be sure to note the required time for the job.  Each job is unique in the start/end time.