What to Expect at a Swim Meet


For Parents and Swimmers: Things to Know About a Swim Meet:

1. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled warm up time. 

2. Check your swimmer in (only if it's a Positive Check-in Meet):

The host team will post a list of all of the swimmers signed up to swim in each event. Please be certain that you check your swimmer in by writing a check mark next to their name for each event that they are entered in. If you do not check them in, they will not be allowed to swim in the event. 

3. Report to your coach for warm up.

Warm up can be chaotic. The swimmers should look for one of the NTN Coaches and report to us as soon as possible. Our team will get in to warm up together, usually splitting up in the lanes by practice groups. Each group has their own meet warm up, as determined by their coach. 

4. How do I know if my child is in a relay?

Relays are put together during warm up and will be announced during the team meeting held immediately following warm up. At B, C and BB regular season meets, we will put as many kids as possible on relays. At Championship meets and A meets the fastest relays will swim. Swimmers who are late to warm up will not be chosen for a relay. 

5. How do you know when your child will swim?

Each event is seeded based on check in and then the heat and lane assignments are posted on a designated wall. Swimmers should check the posting, find their heat and lane assignment and report to their coach (the kids swim in their own lane one group at a time; the groups are called heats). 

6. Coaches have a plan for the swimmers.

It is important that we communicate that plan to your swimmer and that they do their best to swim following our instructions. Having kids, I know that it is easy to want to give them all sorts of advice and instructions. Please ask them to report their heat and lane assignment to us and to follow the advice that we give them. In this way the swimmers will not have to choose whose advice to follow. Swimmers should report back to their coach immediately after their swim. 

7. It is not productive to spend time talking about what a child has done wrong in a race. The coaches work to develop the swimmers with positive reinforcement. There may be something that you notice that we do not mention to the swimmer. That may be intentional as we will be certain to address all issues in practice.  

8. Have fun and enjoy watching your children develop into fine swimmers! 


For Swimmers: A Swimmer’s Step-by-step to Their Race:

  1. Show up at least 15 min before designated warm up time
  2. Make sure to check in if it is a Positive Check In Meet 
  3. Get ready for warm up (with the team)
  4. Hang out and stay warm, stay off your feet (most swimmers bring a lawn chair)
  5. Pay attention for when your event is posted then go find your heat and lane
  6. Tell your coach and parents your heat and lane
  7. Report your heat and lane assignment after talking to your coach about your race plan
  8. While behind your block waiting for your heat, focus on your race plan. Think about the skills you will need to perform in the race, starts, turns, etc
  9. Follow your race plan and race hard!
  10. Report to your coach after your swim to talk about your race
  11. Loosen up (warm down) in the designated area
  12. Celebrate with your parents and teammates!