Dues & Registration

Membership Dues


How to register with COPS Masters Swimming (COPS Wetcats):

Step 1: COPS Masters Swimming (COPS Wetcats) online registration 

·         Complete registration process following the link above and pay your first month’s dues A valid credit card must be linked to your online account to stay active with the team. COPS Wetcats dues are $60 each month.

·         ​If you wish to pay for more than one month at a time simply increase the amount of your payment times the number of months you want to pay in advance. You will show a ​credit balance on your account and each month $60 will draw on the credit.

·         ​Your receipt will show PENDING TEAM APPROVAL. Once we have verified your registration you will receive an email from the team asking you to set up your account. You may start swimming once you receive the email. We will approve as quickly as possible, but please allow us two business days.

·         If you join in the last few days of the month, you will not receive approval until after the first of the following month, thus preventing you from being billed twice within a few days. 

·         Note: If you join after the 15th of the month, we will apply a credit for the prorated amount of your dues to your account. You will have access to the credit within 45 days and can apply the credit to subsequent dues.

Step 2: United States Masters Swimming (USMS) Registration (required)

·         This is a required registration for membership with COPS Wetcats masters swim program. This membership is your liability insurance, which covers you while you are participating in any USMS sponsored activity. For a list of other USMS benefits, click here

·         Register as a Plano Wetcat. Our four letter abbreviation is PCAT.

Swimmers interested in trying out a practice with COPS Wetcats, please fill out the form by following this link: You may bring this completed form to your COPS Wetcats coach for a 30-day free trial. Once those 30 days have passed, you MUST register with USMS and COPS Wetcats to continue practicing with the team.

***USMS Registration is REQUIRED to swim with PCAT. If you do not register with USMS and with COPS Wetcats, you will not be allowed to swim. These are two separate registrations, and must both be completed before you may join a COPS Wetcats practice.

To cancel or change your membership status with the Wetcats, you must send an email to by the 24th of the month. Your membership will be canceled or changed effective the 1st of the following month.

Questions may be directed to Coaches Pete Calabrese ( and Steve Morris ( You can also click here for the USMS list of frequently asked questions.