Dues & Registration

Register for COPS' Wetcats:


Registering with our Masters swim program is a two step process.

Step 1: Register with US Masters Swimming

This is a required registration to participate in our swim program.  USMS Registration is $45/year.  This membership covers your liability insurance, which covers you while you are participating in any USMS sponsored activity. For a list of other USMS benefits, click here

Register as a Plano Wetcat. Our four letter abbreviation is PCAT.

Step 2: Complete our Online Registration.

You will need your US Masters Membership ID in order to complete your registration with us. (ID is provided when you complete the USMS Registration in Step 1.)  Dues are $60 a month.  Once registered, you may attend as many of our 21 weekly workouts as you wish.

Not ready to commit?  Try us free for 30 days!
Swimmers interested in trying out a practice with COPS Wetcats may bring this completed form to any of our workouts for a 30-day free trial. Once those 30 days have passed, you MUST register with USMS and COPS Wetcats to continue practicing with the team.

Questions may be directed to Coaches Pete Calabrese ( and Steve Morris ( You can also click here for the USMS list of frequently asked questions.