About Fundamentals

The Fundamentals Team practices at:

 Rowlinson Natatorium at 1712 Avenue P, Plano, TX. 75074.

The Fundamentals Swim Team is a program designed for children new to swimming or new to competitive swimming and in need of stroke development. Our instructors’ goals for your child are to teach proper stroke technique and to develop effective swimming habits for the future. Our Fundamentals Team goes beyond teaching swimming, we teach COMPETITIVE SWIMMING. As swimmers transition between the three levels of Fundamentals, they will learn: correct swimming technique for all four strokes, kicking, streamline and flip turns. Swimmers will leave the final level of Fundamentals prepared to join the Competitive Team. The average swimmer should plan to spend 2-3 sessions at each level to allow time to become proficient in each of the strokes.

As a part of our program, we offer monthly Skills Meets for swimmers to experience competition and to put their lessons into practice. COPS focuses on technique, training, character and fun to build the total swim experience. Our desire is to help each swimmer improve in the pool, while also teaching them valuable life-lessons.


Fundamentals 1: Primarily focuses on freestyle and backstroke. We work to get these strokes correct, while also teaching swimmers how to streamline off the wall properly and how to listen. We offer a 5:1 swimmer-to- instructor ratio.

Fundamentals 2: Reviews and builds on the curriculum of Fundamentals 1, and introduces butterfly, breaststroke and the individual medley. We offer a 8:1 swimmer-to-instructor ratio. Swimmers will swim additional yardage to begin to develop endurance in the pool. 

Fundamentals 3: A continuation of Fundamentals 2 skills with the addition of increased yardage, pace work, racing techniques, clock reading and learning to swim 200 yard events. We offer a 12:1 swimmer-to-instructor ratio. The swimmers in this group are eligible to attend Fundamental intrasquad meets and will exit this group ready to join our year-round competitive swim team.

Try Out Eligibility:

*Must be at least five years old.

*Child must be able to swim 25 yards in deep water without fear and without stopping. 

*Swimmer should have desire to learn, and eventually join our year-round competitive team.

Stroke Clinics.  COPS offers five summer clinics, two weeks each, focusing on technique and skill improvement of each stroke. The clinics will culminate with an IM and turn clinic. Swimmers should be comfortable in 9 feet of water, be able to swim 50 yards of the stroke being taught and able to handle detailed instruction. Clinics are limited to those 6 to 18 years of age. You may register for one clinic or as many as you would like. The clinics are well suited to the recreational swimmer wanting to improve their stroke as well as the competitive swimmer wanting to get faster.  Swimmer to Teacher Ratio: 6:1.

Individual Technique Lessons. Our instructors provide one on one lessons at all levels.  Swimmer to Teacher Ratio: 1:1

If your coach is not listed under Individual Technique lessons, you may email them using their first to schedule a session. They will let you know their availability. 

Questions? Please contact our office at or call 972-398-7946.

The Fundamentals Team practices at the Rowlinson Natatorium at 1712 Avenue P, Plano, TX. 75074.