Programs/ Registration


Our pre-competitive swim programs are designed to prepare new or early stage swimmers for competitive swimming.  All pre-competitive practices are held at Rowlinson Natatorium.



Foundations is a program for children (ages 3-8) new to the water or new to swimming. Swimmers will meet twice a week for 30 minutes.  Our instructors’ goals for this learn-to-swim program are to teach your child proper swimming mechanics and movement in the pool. As swimmers progress through Foundations, they will go from learning about the water all the way to learning how to swim freestyle and backstroke with the proper technique.  There is no tryout required for Foundations. All Foundations groups practice at Rowlinson Natatorium. (1712 P Ave, Plano, TX  75074)

Fundamentals is a program designed for children new to competitive swimming and in need of stroke development. Fundamentals is designed to teach swimmers how to swim competitively. As swimmers transition between the three levels of Fundamentals, they will learn: correct swimming technique for all four strokes, kicking, streamline and flip turns. Swimmers will leave the final level of Fundamentals prepared to join the Competitive Team. All Fundamentals Team practices are held at Rowlinson Natatorium. (1712 P Avenue, Plano, TX  75074)

As a part of our program, we offer monthly Skills Meets for swimmers to experience competition and to put their lessons into practice. COPS focuses on technique, training, character and fun to build the total swim experience. The average swimmer should plan to spend 2-3 sessions at each level to allow time to become proficient in each of the strokes.

  • Fundamentals 1 classes are for children who possess basic knowledge of freestyle and backstroke and can swim 15 yards in the deep water, without fear, and take instruction independently.  We use a progressive curriculum to develop basic swimming skills for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly. Our goal is to promote development of competitive swimmers. Fundamentals 1 swimmers will swim for 45 minutes twice a week. 
  • Fundamentals 2 classes are for children who have mastered the Fundamentals 1 skills and have instructor approval to move. There will be an 8:1 swimmer to instructor ratio. We use a progressive curriculum to develop advanced swimming skills and to promote development of competitive swimmers. Fundamentals 2 swimmers will swim 3 days a week for 60 minutes each day.
  • Fundamentals 3 is a continuation of Fundamentals 2 skills with the addition of increased yardage, clock reading, and learning to swim 100 yard events. We offer a 10:1 swimmer-to-instructor ratio. The swimmers in this group are eligible to attend Fundamental Skills Meets and will exit this group ready to join our year-round competitive swim team. Fundamentals 3 swimmers will swim four times a week for an hour. 

Registration for Fundamentals Requires a Tryout:
*Swimmer must be at least five years old.

*Child must be able to swim 15 yards in deep water without fear and without stopping. 

*Swimmer should have desire to learn, and eventually join our year-round competitive team.

Registration for the Fall Session will open Saturday, July 27. Swimmers must tryout prior to registration so please do not register without a tryout. We will be required to remove your registration until a tryout has been completed. 

Returning Swimmer?  Already Tried Out?  

Questions? Please contact our office at or call 972-398-7946.

COPS reserves the right to cancel any class because of low enrollment. 

For more information about our year round swim team, a nationally competitive USA Swimming team click here