What is the volunteer commitment?

When you join COPS, you commit to supporting the team through volunteer service.  It takes hundreds of volunteers each year to run our swim meets, fundraisers and operations.   Volunteer support from our families helps us keep our dues low and helps us host high quality meets for all of our swimmers.

Each family will be required to complete a minimum of 30 service commitment points per year. Points can be earned at COPS hosted meets or other COPS events. Point breakdown is as follows:

  •  15 points must be completed between September 1 and January 31
  •  15 points must be completed between February 1 to July 31
  •  Families must work at least one Greater Southwest (GSW) session 

How is my volunteer commitment tracked?
COPS uses a point system to track volunteering.  Each volunteer job is given a point value.  Jobs that require more skill or are more critical to COPS are worth more points. 

The number of points each family is required to complete is updated every year based on how many meets COPS will host that year.  As you complete volunteer jobs, your points are entered into our database, and you can track your progress through your online account.

What if I can’t volunteer?
Any points earned over the required 15 in each half of the year, does not carry over to the next half of the year. Families who do not fulfill their service point commitments will be billed $15/point as follows:

  •  February 1 billing for point deficiency from September 1 thru January 31 
  •  August 1 billing for point deficiency from February 1 thru July 31 
  •  If Families do not work at least one Greater Southwest (GSW) session, an additional 5 service points will be added to the second half (totaling 22 points from February 1 thru July 31). Families can choose to pay $100.00 instead of the additional 5 points. If they do not select to pay, the additional 5 points will automatically be added to the second half of their service commitment. Billing for the $100.00 will be effective February 1.
  • If you leave the team prior to the end of the fiscal year (September-August), your points will be prorated and any point deficiency will be charged to you at $15.00/point. We may bill you for your point deficiency at the point in time you notify us you are leaving the team. 

What types of volunteer jobs do we need to do?
Most of our volunteer jobs are related to hosting swim meets. However, we do also use volunteers for fundraisers, events and other administrative activities. 

Here are some of our most common volunteer jobs:

Job (Click for Details) Points Points Awarded Per: If Interested Contact:
Announcers 7 Meet Session 
Awards 5 Meet Session
Clerk of Course 7 Meet Session
Computer & Timing System Volunteers 5-7 Meet Session
Concessions Volunteers 5 Meet Session
Fall Fundraising Distribution Coordinator TBD Day
Fall Fundraiser Volunteers 3-5 Shift
Group Parents 3 Month
GSW Program Sales 5 Meet Session
Head Timer 5-7 Meet Session
Hospitality 5 Meet Session
Meet Directors 15 Meet
Meet Set Up and Take Down 5 Meet Session
Officials 100% of Points Needed Year
Safety Marshals 5 Meet Session
Special Event Volunteers 3-5 Event
Timers 5 Meet Session
Travel Trip Chaperones 15 Day
Try Out Volunteers 3 Month
Runners 5 Meet Session
Volunteer Check-In 5 Meet Session