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Private Lesson/Clinic

Weekly Swim Clinics- $30 per week

This is a program that I have always wanted to have.  It allows us to focus on specifics within a small group (1 coach – 5 swimmers). The focus is not just a workout, but emphasizes the technique that swimmers can take with them from the lesson to workout.  Two levels (Intro to Orange) (AG 4– Senior Elite)

Sign up for clinics will be emailed to for space.   

Cash or checks will be made out to:  Swim Lessons with Metro


Registering for Private lesson (45 min - $60)

Please try and work with your current coach.  If they are unavailable, they will help you find another coach who can help you.   It is important that you stay with your coach to reinforce the ongoing progress of the coach/swimmer relationship.  We offer privates on Saturday and Sunday currently.  This summer, we will be able to do them every day.  But again, please work out the schedule with your current coach.  On private/one on one, it is up to the coach to put the information online.

Private Lessons

In previous years, we have had issues finding space to accommodate private lessons. Now we can host all our private lessons through the Lovejoy pool.  Families will have choices of a 30-minute class, 45-minute class and 1 hour class.  More lessons may be purchased at a discounted rate and coaches are chosen based on who is available.  It will be the coach’s responsibility to set up the time and date with you and post on the parent portal.

30 min - $45

45 min - $55

60 min - $65

If you buy in groups of 4:

30 min - $120

45 min - $180

60 min - $240

Cash and Checks:   Please make checks out to: Swim Lessons with Metro