Adult Swim School Information:

  • Adults age 17 and beyond!
  • Similar curriculum to our Youth Swim School
  • Group ratios of 8-to-1
  • Can start at any time (we prorate if you do not start at the beginning of the month)
  • Beginner, Beginner+Intermediate, and Advanced groups
  • Beginner and Beginner+ groups use curriculum created and certified by United States Masters Swimming
  • Intermediate and Advanced groups use curriculum created specifically by Sigma Swimming
  • Adults with no swimming experience and fear of water welcome (Beginner and Beginner+)
  • Adults wishing to improve their stroke technique welcome (Intermediate)
  • Triathletes, competitive swimmers, and fitness swimmers welcome (Advanced)

Tuition and Schedule Information:

  • Monthly Tuition: $60
  • Monthly Account Fee (applied to account, not for each swimmer under the account): $5
  • Number of sessions per week: 1
  • Days offered: Saturday from 9:30-10:30 am
  • Registration: $32
  • Location Offered: Fort Worth

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