Youth - Ages 1-16


Flipkick Survival Swimming is the ideal swim lessons program for children under the age of 4.

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The Sigma Swim School is a unique swim school that we consider superior to any other swim lessons program in Tarrant, Johnson, and Parker County. Our swim school is designed for children older than 4 to about age 16.

We have created our own curriculum that targets the most valuable aquatic skills that students will be able to use for a lifetime.

Swim School Information:
  • 2 Major Levels: Tier 10 Beginning Swim School and Tier 9 Advanced Swim School
  • Tier 10: Begins with water acclimation and ends with freestyle and an introduction to backstroke
  • Tier 9: Completes backstroke and ends with breaststroke and butterfly
  • Tier 10: 4-to-1 ratio
  • Tier 9: 5-to-1 ratio
  • Students have 9 major mastery objectives to accomplish from Tier 10 through Tier 9
  • Students receive rewards as they achieve each of the 9 mastery objectives
  • Students learn the same foundational skills as Olympic athletes and lifetime swimmers
  • Have the opportunity to move up to our Youth Swim Team or higher level Adult Groups upon graduation!

Swim School Students:

  • Need no prior experience
  • Will become confident in both shallow and deep water
  • Will learn from experienced swimmers
  • Love the positive learning environment
  • Love our friendly and knowledgeable instructors

Swim School Instructors:

  • Take pride in teaching a life-saving skill
  • Take pride in passing on their acquired skills
  • Take pride in seeing their students' smiles
  • Take pride in graduating their students into the Sigma Developmental tiers or higher level Adult Groups
  • Look forward to teaching swimming

Tuition and Schedule Information:

  • Monthly Tuition: $99
  • Monthly Account Fee (applied to account, not for each swimmer under the account): $5
  • Number of sessions per week: 2
  • Days offered: Monday-Thursday, Saturday
  • Time per session: 45 minutes
  • One-time registration: $76
  • Locations: Burleson, Fort Worth, Lake Worth
  • Schedule: Please click HERE

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