Senior Competitive

The Sigma Senior and Pre-Senior tiers are comprised of our most competitive swimmers. Most swimmers who are Tier 1 and 2 have been swimming for many years, have developed a strong aerobic base, and are capable of performing at anaerobic threshold consistently.

In addition to their athletic ability, Tier 1 and 2 swimmers are more emotionally and cognitively mature. These swimmers understand the distinction between work and play. They understand the importance of being leaders and mentors to the lower tiers who look up to them. They are the individuals who ensure that the integrity of The Sigma Culture is upheld.

Offered At:

Fort Worth - Forest Park
Fort Worth - Texas Wesleyan
Lake Worth

Tier 1 and 2 Swimmers:

Are on time for practice
Enthusiastically attend a minimum of 4 practice sessions per week
Know all of the correct kicking and stroke drills
Are enthusiastic about mentoring swimmers in lower tiers
Accept criticism from both peers and coaches
Understand the value of their percent effort charts
Consistently use the tools and learning aids provided
Believe and have seen that swimming best times in practice can be a normal occurrence
Are fully bought into the Sigma training style
Set, keep track of, and achieve season goals
Compete in one meet per month
Are the strongest athlete advocates for Sigma both on and off deck

Time Standards:

AA - AAAA+, Sectionals, Juniors

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Pricing: $115-130 per month (depending on tier placement) + $76 Annual USA Swimming Registration

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