JO Group

BlueFin West’s JO Group is for swimmers typically between the ages of 10-14 who have some competitive swim experience.  The emphasis is refining stroke technique, learning “how to race,” and introducing basic training sets.   The JO Group (like all BlueFin groups) focuses on developing and maintain optimal technique and a ‘Race Pace” philosophy of practice without a lot of unnecessary yardage.

Swimmers who have maximized their potential in the JO Group and are ready to commit are eligible for advancement to the Senior Group.

The JO Group practices 5 times per week for 90 minutes each practice at the Adelson Aquatics Center.

Open Tryouts:       August 5th-9th:  5pm-6pm 

Adelson Aquatics Center located at the

Adelson Educational Campus in Summerlin.

For more information:

Coach Bob Hommel

(702) 290-1312