Discovery Group

BlueFin West’s Discovery Group is for children typically ages 8 and up who know how to swim, but would like to get involved in competitive swimming. We introduce and refine the technique of the 4 strokes, underwaters, racing starts and turns, and prepare the individual for local swim meets that occur quarterly. The focus is learning, and developing a great foundation for a lifetime sport. The goal for our Discovery Group is to have a ton of fun, while providing every swimmer with the opportunity to improve on their skills and achieve success according to their individual abilities and desires. 

Individuals who have maximized their potential in the Discovery Group, and have demonstrated the appropriate maturity, skill level and commitment, are eligible to join our JO Group.

The Discovery Group practices up to 5 times per week for 60 minutes per practice at the Adelson Aquatics Center in Summerlin.

Open Tryouts:       August 5th-9th:  5pm-6:30pm 

Adelson Aquatics Center located at the

Adelson Educational Campus in Summerlin.

For more information:

Coach Bob Hommel

(702) 290-1312