Mini Warriors Swim Team

Mini Warrior Transitional program Information Sheet

The purpose of the Mini Warrior developmental program is to provide a bridge between basic swim lessons and competitive training. The Assistant Coach will run/administer this program on a daily basis with oversight from the Head Coach. Junior Coaches will be the primary coaches for all mini warriors. This program is not designed to provide private swim lessons; it is an opportunity to participate in a team environment and swim in a structured environment and have fun.

Note: If your child swam on the competition team last year or participated in our Woodley Warrior winter swim program, your child is too advanced for the Mini Warriors program.

Mini Warriors is geared towards children 5 - 8 years old, who are able to meet our Basic Skills Assessment criteria but not ready to swim the entire length of the pool.

Basic Skills Assessment (administered on the first day of practice):
o Ability to traverse half the length of the pool (12.5 meters) in deep water, unassisted o Ability to float on stomach, with face in water
o Willingness to jump or dive into deep water

The program's goals include: (i) improving the crawl (freestyle) stroke, (ii) building endurance towards an ability to swim the entire length of the pool unassisted and without stopping, (iii) learning a racing dive, and (iv) competing by season's end against other Mini Warriors in at least one 25 meter freestyle race.


  • Mini Warriors are eligible to swim in meets as soon as they demonstrate an ability to swim the full length of the pool.

  • Mini Warriors receive the same T Shirt as members of the Competition Team.

  • Mini Warriors are invited to participate in Friday pep rallies, pancake breakfast, picture day, team awards ceremony and other social activities, just like members of the Competition Team.

  • Mini Warrior at certain B meets where kickboard races are allowed, will be invited to participate.

  • Mini Warriors are invited to participate at no additional cost to swim a 25 kickboard race at the Woodley Mini Meet, July 23rd. If a Mini Warrior would like to swim a 25 freestyle, 25 backstroke, 25 breast stroke, or 25 butterfly, at the Mini Meet, he/she will be charged the normal entrance fee.


  • Mini Warriors families will be required to work one meet/event to fulfill their volunteer requirement.

  • If your mini warrior moves up to the competitive team at some point in the season, you will be encouraged to volunteer at the meet they swim in to get introduced to various volunteer positions. For example, being a time for half a meet may be an appropriate experience.

    For details about Enrollment Criteria and Age Waivers, download the Eligibility Criteria chart.

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Basic Skills Assessment

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Mini Warriors

Test includes: (a) jump or dive into deep water; (b) float on stomach with face in water; and (c) swim half length of pool (12.5 meters) in deep water, unassisted, without regard to quality of stroke.

Warriors (competition team)

Test includes: swim full length of pool (25 meters), unassisted, with legal
stroke. Swimmers who cannot meet this test may be offered placement in the Transitional Program – Mini Warriors.
Test waived for returning members of the Competition Team or for participants of the Woodley Warrior Winter Swim Program.