Dive Team FAQs

Is my child eligible to compete in a dive meet - In order to compete in a dive meet, divers must be able to execute three dives at 10 years and under (Freshmen), four dives at 11-12 years old (Juniors), five dives at 13-14 years old (Intermediates), and six dives at 15-18 years old (Seniors). Every diver must be able to do a front dive and back dive along with their choice of optional dives. 

When are Dive Meets  - Dive meets are on Tuesday evenings from late June through July with the other teams in our division. Each team may send up to 32 divers without regard to the number of divers in any age group. Dive meets start at 6:00 P.M. 

What is a dive sheet - The dive sheet is filled out and signed by the diver before the dive meet. It lists, in order, the dives that the diver is going to execute. The diver’s score is calculated on this dive sheet during the meet. A diver cannot change the order of the dives nor replace a dive once the meet has started. The position of the dive can be changed (i.e. a diver can choose to do a dive in a pike position instead of a tuck position) when the dive is announced. 

How are dives scored -There are five judges who award the dive points. The highest and lowest scores are eliminated. The remaining three scores are totaled and then multiplied by the Degree of Difficulty (DD) to arrive at the total points awarded for the dive. The sum of the points awarded for each dive is the diver’s overall score. The diver with the highest overall score wins the event. The team is awarded 5 points for 1st place, 3 points for 2nd place, and 1 point for 3rd place. 

Where do I get my ribbons?  Each diver has a folder in the dive team box that is kept at the pool.  Ribbons from Tuesdays meets should be in the folders by Wednesday morning practice.

How can I help? – VOLUNTEER!  It takes a lot of parents to run a meet.  We need help with concessions, judging, table workers, set up for home meets, just to name a few.  Referees and judges need to attend an NVSL training session.  See the NVSL website for further info.