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Orinda Aquatics Year-Round Registration

Orinda Aquatics just finished one of the best seasons in its twenty-five year history, finishing the summer by winning the Western Zone Senior (Western US) Championships in Clovis (men, women, and combined). The team swam very well at all levels and groups, and continues to be an extraordinary example of culture and character to the swimming and youth sports communities. We also hosted, for the second year, the large and presigious Far Western Championships.  

Welcome to the Orinda Aquatics Year-Round Registration site.  We thank you for your interest in Orinda Aquatics and we look forward to working with you and your family. This information is applicable to year-round swimmers only. For Fall (seasonal-rec) swimming, please see the Fall Swimming tab on the webiste.

We ask that all returning and prospective members read the Registration Information & Team Policy Letter below. It outlines critical areas of parent commitment, group and dues structure, as well as important team information. 

Registration Information & Team Policy Letter 2019-2020

The following documents will offer additional information and will be updated shortly.

Below you will find registration information, links, and documents needed for registration.

Prospective Members (Year- Round Try-Out Fall 2019):

  • Please read the Registration Information and Policy Letter above
  • Please fill out the Try-Out Form and email it to
  • Attend try-out practices on either (or both) August 27th and August 29th from 6:15 to 7:00pm at the Soda Center

Once "approved" (after the try-out sessions)

  • Plan on attending the swimmer meeting the Friday following the try-out, and the Parent Meeting Tuesday the 3rd
  • Please fill out the 2020 USA Swimming Athlete Registration Form and mail in with a check 
  • If transferring, please fill out the PacSwim Transfer Form
  • Order your Orinda Aquatics Apparel through the Making Waves (new owner of NorCal). There is a link on the website under YEAR-ROUND.
  • Establish Orinda Aquatics as an eScrip beneficiary

Returning Member Registration 2019-2020:

Registration will open August 6th and needs to be completed on Friday, August 30th

1. Please read through Registration Information and Policy Letter (above) before starting the registration process, as the program will have you agree to certain parent obligations/policies to be able to register.

2. Use your current sign in e-mail and login password when accessing the registration

3. Once logged in, make sure you update/verify your swimmers information and click "save changes". If you want to add another swimmer, simply click “add swimmer” and follow the prompts.

Registration Groups - For Registration purposes ALL Returning Senior Group Swimmers register for the same group you swam in last season. All 9th graders register for the Senior 2 group. Groups adjustment will take place in September.

Senior Group swimmers need to verify their cell phone numbers to receive SMS messages from the coaches.

4. Order your Orinda Aquatics Apparel through Making Waves  Password is "goorinda"

Your annual fee will include:

  • 1 Team Swim Suit (provide size in Team Unify during registration)
  • 2 Latex Swim Caps
  • 1 Orinda Aquatics Team T-shirt (provide size in Team Unify during registration)
  • 1 Mesh bag (for swim equipment)

Included with your monthly dues are:

  • Bridge Dryland
  • Argo Video (in September)
  • Mental Training book

5. Register online at eScrip with the Orinda Aquatics beneficiary number of: 137294136. Read more about  Orinda Aquatics eScrip




If you have any further questions please feel free to contact:

Don Heidary: - General Team

Click here for Membership/Registration/Billing Questions