Olympic Success

Congratulations to OA 2012 Olympic Qualifiers!

Steven Stumph
Chris Peterson
Kim Vandenberg
Andrea Ward
Sven Campbell
Chris Leon
Peter Varellas (Water Polo)


Congratulations to our 2012 US Paralympic Qualifier


Megan Liang


 2008 Olympics:

Kim Vandenberg, 800 Free Relay (Trials), Bronze Medal

Way to go Kim!


Past Orinda Aquatics Olympic Trial Qualifiers:

Kim Vandenberg – UCLA/MTSC
Amy Thurman – UCLA/Meadow
Scott Lathrope – Stanford/MCC
Heather White – CAL/Miramonte HS
Tyler Angelo – Notre Dame/WC
Kristen Lewis – UCLA (current Cal asst)/MCC
Katie Arnold – UCLA/Springbrook
McCall Dorr – SMU/Las Lomas
Lauren Beaudreau – Richmond/Springbrook
John Dorr – USC Post-grad/Las Lomas
Lindsay Hart – Harvard/WC
Artemis Daphnis – Arizona/Sleepy Hollow
Katie Ure – UCSB/Sleepy Hollow
Lindsey Sharp – Washington/Sleepy Hollow
Zach Disbrow – West Point/Sleepy Hollow
Heather Petri- (Water Polo)
Peter Varellas – (Water Polo)

Peter Varellas, Men’s Water Polo, Silver Medal!

Way to go Peter!


Peter & Kim on Oprah!


Heather Petri: Women's Water Polo

This is a note from Heather Petri, a former Miramonte High School swimmer/water polo player/OA swimmer.  Heather went on to Cal and has become the most celebrated US Women’s Water Polo player in the nation winning three Olymipc medals and two World Championships.  Heather trained with OA when she was in town and sent this nice note:

Hi Donnie,

I am back from Greece and preparing for the next adventure in water polo, which means I will be heading to Southern California. I really do appreciate from the bottom of my heart the opportunity you gave me to train with the OA kids. They are great and the swimming swim sets again challenged me to get back in the correct shape for the Greek Championship (which we won!!!!).  I love the swimmers and the atmosphere that you guys create for your athletes and the support in sports and in life that you give so freely. I am blessed.  What a great opportunity you create for people in this area.  As I said before we are so fortunate to have your attention and sincerity each and every day. I wish we could make a commercial about your team and air it every day....even that would not do you, or the team, justice.

Thanks again!

Heather Petri
USA Water Polo
00’ 04’ 08’ Olympian
03’ 07’ World Champion