Junior Group


"The secret of getting ahead is getting started"

Welcome all swimmers and parents to another exciting year of swimming with Orinda Aquatics and the Junior Group! The upcoming season promises to be one filled with fast swimming, character and team building, and personal growth. We look forward to building on our foundation of fundamentals, skill development, race development and goal oriented training alongside our emphasis of leadership skills.

Our philosophy is anchored by our motto “Character First”. We want to develop young men and women into high character, integrity driven leaders that make a difference in all aspects of life. Through the character driven culture our athletes will also learn to become elite athletes by developing skills such as accountability, goal setting, commitment and discipline.

It all starts in Orinda Aquatics Junior Group!

Structure of the Age-Group program at Orinda Aquatics

Orinda Aquatics Junior Group consists of a total of 50 year round committed swimmers in the age between 8 and 14 years old (8th grade). The Junior Group is divided into three groups – Junior 1, Junior 2 and Junior 3, depending on age/grade, training ability, time standards, attendance and attitude.

Junior 1  - Matt Ehrenberger

The main focus of the group is to develop efficiency within all four strokes – butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle, with proper technique and distance per stroke. By introducing the value of character and integrity – we aim to teach our athletes the importance of learning how to train and compete within a healthy, fun and competitive environment. The Junior 1 group is offered 5 practices per week, with the recommendation of attending at least 3 -4 practices per week to obtain consistency and proper development. 


Junior 2 - Matt Ehrenberger

Swimmers on this level are self-motivated and train with the emphasis to improve technique, distance per stroke (DPS), and developing pacing and race strategies. The group prepares for 200y of each stroke, 400 IM and 500 Free and look towards Far Western qualifying times. The Junior 2 group is offering 6 practices per week and swimmers attending the groups should attend at least 4 practices per week for proper development.


Junior 3  - Donnie Heidary

Orinda Aquatics Junior 3 groups consist of swimmers who are fully committed, motivated and competitive at the Far Western level. The group emphasis is on fine tuning technique, improving stroke balance, pacing and race strategies. The group prepares for senior level training and is aiming towards Sectional qualifying times. The Junior 3 group offers 7 practices per week  (1 AM practice) and swimmers in this group are expected to attend 5 -7 practices a week. 


Since the inception of Orinda Aquatics 90% of our graduating High School Student-Athletes continues to swim on a collegiate level. Our training philosophy is built around a long-term training and a broad competitive development that encourages healthy repetition, training, learning and team-oriented environment. Due to our commitment to the development process and "the better the person, the better the team, the better the athlete" burn-out is non-existent at Orinda Aquatics.