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Senior 2 - Coach Jill Jones

Swimmers should be dedicated, goal oriented and positive, dedicated to improve technique, turns and underwater speed; learn pacing and race strategy. 4,000-5,500 yards per workout; prepare for 200 stroke, 400 IM and 500 or 1,000 Free. swimmers should be able to complete 15x100 Free @1:15, 10x100 IM at 1:25. Swimmers work towards Western Zone times and Sectional level swimming; prepare for college swimming. Swimmers should attend 5 to 8 workouts per week and ALL team meets.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact Coach Jill Jones at

Senior 3 - Coach Matt Armanini 

Swimmers should be able to train fairly aggressively and be committed to swimming.  Technique will be emphasized but workouts will range from 5,000 to 7,000 yards.  Swimmers will prepare for the 200 of each stroke, 400 IM, and 500 Free.  No time standards are required but sample sets will be 20x100 Free @ 1:15 yds or 15x100 Stroke. Swimmers should be training to achieve Sectional Times and/or prepare for college swimming. Swimmers will be expected to attend 6 to 8 workouts per week (two morning workouts recommended. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Coach Matt Armanini at 

Senior 4 - Coach Ron Heidary

Athletes entering the Senior 3 group must display a strong desire to perform at the highest level of which they are capable. Training is geared towards individual talents, although a strong aerobic endurance factor is present. Athletes in the Senior 3 group should progress from Sectional time standards on to national level swimming.  In addition to being focused, mature, technically proficient, and dedicated to training, every swimmer in this group is expected to attend each team meet, and act with the utmost integrity on a daily basis: Minimum training sets include: 25x100 Free @ 1:15 and 20x100 IM @ 1:25. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Coach Ron Heidary at


Success at Orinda Aquatics

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Time Standards and Orinda Aquatics Top Times

Pacific Swimming just changed (2014/2015 Season) from their own time standards to USA Swimming time standards. To qualify for Far Western (spring 2015) a "AAA-Time" is required. To see the USA Swimming Motivational Time standards please click here.

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Clovis - Senior Group Travel Meet

Every year the Senior Group, as a whole travel together to Clovis, for their end of the season peak and shave meet (end of February). Read more about the 2017 Clovis athletic achievements, how we travel with 75 teenagers and no chaperones here.

Graduating Seniors 2017


Congratulations to our graduation class of 2017!

To see where they are now and to read their Senior Letters to the team - coming soon! 

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