NorCal Kid Triathlon
2017 NorCal Kids Triathalon
Miramonte High School
Saturday August 26th

Each year OA swimmers volunteer at the NorCal Kids Triathlon to help swimmers count laps and cheer them on as many of them compete in their first triathalon! 

2013 NorCal Kids Triathlon
Miramonte High School
Saturday, August 31st

It was a great day for young athletes as 320 local kids ventured into the world of triathlons.  Orinda Aquatics supports this special event which is run by the Orinda Foundation to raise monies for valuable programs in our community such as Rides for Seniors., the 4th of July Parade, etc.  We recognize the participants for doing a great job (one participant from Oakland actually learned to swim just 4 weeks ago so that he could participate!) and the parents who were instrumental in OA's role in supporting the event, Margot Woodward, coordinator of the swimming venue, Rick Woodward as Event Starter and Jean Follmer, OA volunteer coordinator.  And a sincere thank you to the Stumph's who manned the gate and the OA Booth and all who volunteered to help. OA in red team shirts had a great presence on the pool deck (even Mollie Larsen as the lifeguard was in OA gear) and within the community.

2013 Complete Race Results and Photo Gallery


Orinda Aquatics will partner again with the Orinda Foundation and the NorCal Kids Triathlon by sponsoring the Swim Leg of the event. This is a great way for OA to support the Foundation and our local community in an event which dovetails perfectly with our mission of promoting youth sports and encouraging our own swimmers to participate in triathlons and open water swims. Plus it will be our season kick-off event.
Mark your calendars and REPRESENT!

2012 NorCal Kids Triathlon

Orinda Aquatics partnered with the Orinda Foundation and the NorCal Kids Triathlon again this year. We have done this for several reasons: to support the Foundation and the community, to make further inroads into the community from a marketing and an awareness perspective, to diversify our competitive opportunities, to introduce our athletes to triathlons, and to kick off our 2012 season. The event this year was held at the new Wilder development and sports fields on August 25th.

Our goal was to have a strong presence in the event and create a positive experience for all. Congratulations to all OA swimmers who participated. More information and results can be found at



2011 NorCal Kids Triathlon

During August 2011, OA partnered with the NorCal Kids Triathlon held at Miramonte High School. Over 300 youth aged 4-18 competed in the event either individually or as part of a relay team. Complete race results may be found at:

NorCal Kid Triathlon

Some of OA's top finishers included:

Girls 15 & up Relay:
1st place (Liang - swim, Giambastini-bike, Giambastini-run)
15 & up Girls: 
Christine Lum (1st place)        
Ariel Thomas (2nd place)
Shannon Herman (3rd Place)
Colleen O'Brien (5th place)
Erin Schoenfeld (6th place)
Grace Linderhold (7th place)
Jenna Haufler (8th place)
Sam Swinton (9th place)
15 & up Boys:
Conor Sullivan (1st place)         
Albert Miao (2nd Place)
Riley Kalbus (3rd Place)
13/14 Girls:              
Alexa Hanley (3rd)
Charlene Funai (5th)
13/14 Boys:              
Michael Wright (2nd)
Michael Peterson (3rd)
Ryan Shaw (4th)
11/12 Girls:              
Emily Ward (2nd)
Kiera O'Brien (3rd)
11/12 Boys:              
Cole Lauritzen (5th)