Alumni Network

If you are an OA graduate and have not been contacted about participating in the OA Alumni Network or you wish you to change your contact information, please contact Kris Kao at

Introducing the Orinda Aquatics Alumni Network!
We are very excited to bring to our membership an extensive alumni resource that has been assembled by Kris Kao, an OA graduate of 2006.  Kris saw a need for an OA Alumni network and recognized the value in bringing our broad alumni network to our current membership.  He has committed a great deal of time in reaching out to graduates of the program to create this invaluable tool.
Spanning over fifty universities and colleges, twenty-three states, and two decades, the Orinda Aquatics alumni have truly been extraordinary in their pursuit of the highest level of academics, athletics, and professional development.  Over the history of OA, approximately ninety percent of our graduates have gone on to become collegiate athletes, one of the highest percentages on a national basis.  Additionally, OA swimmers have an impressive track record of extensive collegiate careers with continued development.  And because of the extraordinary culture of Orinda Aquatics, our collegiate swimmers have very strong ties with the program and the staff, as exemplified each Thanksgiving as a large number of them reunite with their teammates and reconnect with the coaches.
It is our hope that our alumni can offer valuable insights into the various collegiate teams, coaches, cultures, and academics environments that they have been exposed to, and you can now tap into that history and experience!  This contact list is primarily directed to current Juniors and Seniors, and their parents, as the contemplate the complex college search process.  
On the spreadsheet, you will find a list of “OA” colleges and contact information for each of our alums that have attended that institution (along with their graduation year from OA). Additionally, we have listed their preferred methods of communication (i.e. email, phone, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).  This spreadsheet will be posted in a Google Doc and a link will be provided on the team website. You can find the overview in the first sub-tab under “College” on the website, and the spreadsheet will be located under the second sub-tab (again, hidden from the public). It will be necessary to login to your OA account in Team Unify as the tab containing this link will be hidden from public view. We also ask that you protect their privacy.  As this network continues to grow, the spreadsheet will be updated, so check back for new contacts!
We also have formed a LinkedIn group, "Orinda Aquatics Networking Group", to further connect and interact with your fellow alumni, with this being more professional in nature. You are encouraged to join!
We could not be more proud of the impressive culture that Orinda Aquatics swimmers have created since the origin of the club twenty years ago.  Their commitment and dedication to the sport, the team, and the culture has been extraordinary, and ultimately creates an opportunity like the one before you.  We hope this program helps you with your college decision, and even your career considerations, and makes your transition into the next chapter of your life a little easier.
Good Luck!