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Time Standards
The Silicon Valley Swim League (SVSL) has established its own set of time standards in order to more fairly balance the actual times that our summer swimmers typically attain. The Time Standards are determined from the entires in the SVSL Championship.  All events are split at the middle of entries, with the top being gold and the bottom being silver. A swimmer whose fastest recorded time for an event is above the standard has a Gold Division time. A swimmer whose fastest recorded time is below the standard has a Silver Division time. Depending upon their times for each stroke, a swimmer may have a Gold time in one event and a Silver time in another event.
All dual meets are scored using the USA BB time as the cutoff between divisions.




First through Sixth place ribbons are awarded by event, gender, age group and time standard. For example, there will be two sets of ribbons awarded to the girls, 11-12 age group for the 50-yard freestyle event – one set for the Gold division and one set for the Silver division. Since events are swum by gender and age group, without separating swimmers by time standard, it is not possible to determine whether a swimmer has a ribbon until all the times for that event are posted. A swimmer may come in first in their heat, but if he or she is a Gold swimmer in a heat primarily made up of Silver swimmers, the swimmer’s time will be compared to other Gold division swimmers to determine ribbon placement. Also, a swimmer’s division is determined by their entered time, not the time they swim at the meet. If a swimmer is entered with a Silver division time but swims fast enough to attain a Gold division time, their ribbon placement for that meet will be determined against other Silver division swimmers.