Parent Boosters and Committees


All meetings are on the 2nd Wednesday of every month @6:00 PM on Zoom.

Purpose: To promote the development and spirit of our swim team family.
We work to provide funds and organization to our meets as well as support for our coaching staff.


Thursday, April 14, 2022

Boosters Managers:
Patty Lefeld ([email protected]),
Travis and Jennifer Watkins ([email protected])

Boosters Finance Manager: Jill Triplett ([email protected])

Officials Coordinator: Anne Wendeln ([email protected])

*All questions and concerns about becoming an official or the operations of an official for our team must go through Anne. 

-Serves as team liaison with other teams when officials are needed at home and 

away meets.

-Recruits new parents to become officials.

-Assists with attaining and maintaining credentials for AMFY officials.

Please join us for our next Parent Booster Meeting. We cannot make this a team without your support. 

COMMITTEES: We are always looking for parent volunteers to help manage these committees. Worker Credit is given for managing.

Concessions Committee - Michelle Roessner (We could use two more families to assist).

-Collections of family donations and/or outside meals will be done for home meets, such as the Great White Invitation. 
-Also, refreshments will be provided for coaching/officials room.


Spirit Committee - Donnetta Shardo, Cara Meyer 
-Coordinates team celebrations and banquet
-Purchases ribbons, medals, and trophies as needed for home swim meets and end of season banquet


Team Apparel Committee - Jamie Knapke, 
-Works with Dayton Y for Fan Spirit Items

Fundraiser Committee - Patty Lefeld  (We could use one to two more families to assist).
-Organizes fundraisers, follows through with parents and swimmers making sure they are participating
-Sponsorships (lane markers, heat sheet adverts)
-Works with local businesses to get sponsorships for the swim team


Records and Awards Committee - Travis Watkins, Jessica McGough
-Orders and Dispenses swimmer accolades

Volunteer Coordinator (meet jobs) - Jessica McGough, Cara Meyer
-In charge of organizing and posting jobs for swim meets, both home and away (as needed), and ensuring the positions are filled.
-Documents volunteer/worker attendance per family


Technology and Colorado Timing Committee - Aaron Egbert
-Organizes and maintains both the Colorado (meet ops) and computer scoring systems owned by AMFY
-Inventories computer equipment yearly
-Makes suggestions to Board on items that need to be replaced or repaired