‚ÄčAMFY Work Requirements - These are subject to change due to the COVID 2020-2021 Swim Season

It takes many, many people to work a swim meet! EVERY family is expected to do their fair share! AMFY’s requirement for each family will be decided two weeks after the season starts so that we know how many families we have to cover all the worker shifts we need to cover. (In the past this is usually 5 or 6 shifts per family.) This includes a minimum of 2 shifts during the Great White Invitational and 1 shift during the championship season.
[**Note: A shift is typically 3-4 hours in length and may involve a variety of jobs/responsibilities including (but not limited to) timing, officiating, set-up/clean-up, 8 & under helper, etc. See descriptions at the end.]
Families with only High School swimmers will be required to work a minimum of 3 shifts during the season. This includes a minimum of 1 shift during the Great White Invitational. Parents may be asked to work more shifts during the season based on need.


Job Sign-up:

Parents may sign up for jobs on the Team Unify website. Parents who do not fulfill their work obligation will be ‘auto-assigned’ to jobs as needed. It is the responsibility of the parents to work the ‘auto-assigned’ shift (or find a replacement). Parents not meeting the work obligation requirement will be assessed an additional $50 fee for each shift not worked, up to $250.



Fundraising Requirements:

Each swimmer is required to participate in the swim-rally, do a shift at Eldora, or pay $50 per family. If you are opting out your fee must be in by the start of the swim-rally. AMFY Waves participates in a swim-rally for two main reasons:
  1. To financially support our swimmers and coaches at Championships meets including As, AAs, Zones, and Nationals.
  2. To continually upgrade our pool equipment including lane lines and starting blocks, timing equipment, and computer software and hardware, etc.


Job Positions

The following is a summary of the jobs available at meets:
(Jobs labeled with * do not require any previous experience or training)
• 8 & under and 9-10 helpers: (Home meets & Miami U. Meets) Round up younger
swimmers for their events and get them lined up at the blocks.
• Clerk of Course/Bull Pen: (Great White Invitational Only) Responsible for running the
bullpen and getting all swimmers lined up and to the blocks on time.
• *Timers/Writers: Take times during the races and write the results on paper.
• *Runner: Collect times sheets and DQ slips after each heat and return them to the
scorer’s table.

• *Back-up Timer: Take manual time with a stopwatch for each heat in case one of the
main timers has a malfunction.
• Colorado Timing: (Home meets & Great White) Help set up and run the system that
records times and reports event results.
• Computer Scoring: (Home meets & Great White) Run the computer system that records
results and prints out scoring labels.
• *Ribbon Writer: (Home meets & Great White) Place scoring labels onto ribbons/medals
and sort them out for each team.
• *Heat Winner Ribbons: (Great White & possibly championships) Give ribbon or other awards to the swimmer who wins his/her heat.
• Referee & Starter: Responsible for running the meet by calling out heat and event
numbers and starting each heat. Must also oversee all turn and stroke judges and
make the final decisions regarding disqualifications. **Requires USA Swimming Level 2
• Stroke and Turn Judges: Responsible for carefully watching all swimmers to see that
strokes and turns are executed legally. Must disqualify swimmers as needed. **Requires
USA Swimming Level 1 certification.**
• *Concession Workers: (Home meets & Great White) Help set up & clean up concession
stand and sell food during the meet.
• *Announcer: (Home Meets & Great White) Announce upcoming events in both gyms so
that swimmers can get to their events on time.