Info For Current Season



First day June 1, runs through champs in July

Team Dues

Red/White/Blue- $125

Silver/Gold- $155

There is a $15 discount for the third swimmer and beyond per family

Practice Schedule (First practice June 1, runs through champs in July)

  • Red/White/Blue
    • Monday, North Y 3:30-4:45pm
    • Tuesday, North Y 3:30-4:45pm
    • Thursday, South Y 4:45-6pm
  • Silver/Gold
    • Monday, North Y, 6-7:30 AM (morning)
    • Tuesday, South Y, 6-7:30 AM (morning)
    • Wednesday, North Y, 6-7:30 PM (evening)
    • Thursday, South Y, 6-7:30 AM (morning)
    • Friday, North Y, 6-7:30 AM (morning)
  • NO PRACTICE on May 31, July 5 and July 9



DATES: MAY 10-27

Registration opens for returning AMFY Swim Team members on April 30 (Link to Registration)

We will run a three-week "mini-session" for returning Gold and Silver group members in the days leading up to the start of Long Course season. The cost is $55 per swimmer for this session. All May practices are are North Y (Celina).

If you are a potential new family/swimmer to our team, please contact Coach Matt ([email protected]).

Initially we will have space for 20 swimmers. If you go to register and it says we are full, email Coach Matt ([email protected]).

UPDATE: WE HAVE REACHED 20 SWIMMERS. WE WILL INSTITUTE TWO SEPARATE PRACTICE OPTIONS. Initiallly we will let swimmers decide which practice they choose to attend. However, if one practice time becomes too busy, we will have to have sign-ups for specific times.

All practices at North (Celina) Y.

  First Option Second Option
Monday 3:30-4:45p 7-8p
Tuesday Swim 4-5p, dryland 5-6p Dryland 5-6p, Swim 7-8p
Wednesday 5-6:30p 6:30-8p
Thursday 4-5:30p 5:30-7p
  • We will NOT have these normal practice times on May 20 (Thursday) and May 26 (Wednesday). Instead we will run stroke clinics for all ages (also at North Y)
    • May 20 (Thursday)
      • 10 and under: 5 to 5:45p
      • 11 and over: 5:45 to 7p
    • May 26 (Wednesday)
      • 10 and under: 6 to 6:45p
      • 11 and over: 6:45 to 8p
    • NOTE: If you sign your swimmer up for the May mini-session, your stroke clinic charge is included. But you still need to sign up your swimmer for the clinic to ensure we have appropriate numbers.

STROKE CLINICS (open to returning AMFY swimmers)

Cost is $5.00, please bring cash to door

  • May 20- Free/Backstroke (North Y)
    • 10 and unders 5 to 5:45p
    • 11 and overs 5:45-7p
  • May 26- Breaststroke/Butterfly (North Y)
    • 10 and unders 6 to 6:45p
    • 11 and overs 6:45 to 8p

PRE-REGISTRATION FOR STROKE CLINICS IS REQUIRED to ensure we have enough space. Visit the Events page on the AMFY website to pre-register.






  • All participants need to be full members of Auglaize Mercer YMCA by their first day of practice, and must keep that membership through Champs in March.
  • With the pool schedule at the Y changing every month combined with new guidance on how to run practices during the COVID-19 pandemic, we are planning to do registration MONTH TO MONTH for the first three months.
    • This means you do NOT necessarily have to join the team in September/October if you want to swim in the winter months.
    • Our estimated "sessions" are below:
      • Fall Session One: September 8 to October 3
      • Fall Session Two: October 4 to October 30
      • Fall Session Three: October 31 to December 5
      • Winter Session: December 6 through end of season
        • To be eligible for Champs, you must join AMFY by December 6 at the latest
  • Team dues are a little higher than normal. With only being able to practice with three swimmers per lane, we have to adjust our normal practice schedule and hold more practices. However, this does help our swimmer-to-coach ratios in practice! Kids should be getting more personal instruction.
  • We may need to limit the number of swimmers in each practice group at smaller numbers than before. With our current max of 3 kids per lane, groups will be smaller. We will do everything in our power to get a spot for everyone who wants a spot, but it may become necessary to limit registration numbers.
    • Those who swam with AMFY this summer will get first priority
    • Those who completed the season with AMFY in March (including those entered to compete in the canceled AA Champs) will get next priority
    • New swimmers will fill in spots if they are available. With a projected smaller team this year, we may not be able to take many new families to the team.



  • The schedule for practice may change each month. With the COVID-19 environment always changing and the future of high school swimming still TBD, it will likely be necessary to change the schedule as the year goes on.
  • Practices will be conducted in small groups with no more than 3 to a lane. All swimmers must enter the building wearing a mask and should keep their mask on until time for practice, and replace their mask immediately following practice.
  • Dryland will be held outdoors whenever possible to aid social distancing and clean air. When not possible, it will be held in the gym. Swimmers should have appropriate dryland clothes (shirts and shorts/pants, socks and shoes) for all dryland sessions.
  • Locker room access is very limited right now. Whenever possible, please have your swimmer arrive already in swim suit and leave in swim suit (while it's still warm outside).
  • All swimmers need to have their own fins and should bring them to practice. 


  • Swim meets will likely be home "virtual" meets for the first half of the year. These likely will take place on Sundays while the building is closed for members. Swimmers will compete in small, short sessions and results will be combined with other area and league teams. These will count as legal meets.
    • Away meets during the second half of the season are TBD, based largely on the COVID-19 situation at the time
  • Our overall meet schedule is still in the works, and likely won't be finalized until late September. With most meets through 2020 going to a virtual format, teams are working to find new options for meets. We will post meet information as we are able.
  • ALL swim meets will have a minimum of $5 per swimmer surcharge that goes towards defraying team expenses. Additional fees for swim meets will be determined by the meet, itself.
  • To be eligible for the usual March Champs meets (A's, AA's, Zones, etc.), swimmers will STILL need to have participated in 3 YMCA meets. However, YMCA National as agreed to "backdate" meet participation to September 2019. In other words, swimmers who did three Y meets last season will likely have already met their three-meet requirement. 
    • NEW SWIMMERS TO AMFY will need to swim three meets with AMFY this current season to be eligible


  • We will likely hold off on team apparel until later in the season. Keep an eye out for order forms.
  • NEW IN FALL 2020: Technical swim suits (tech suits) are no longer permitted for 12 and under swimmers. This is a nation-wide rule that is designed to promote fair competition and keep parents from having to spend lots of money every year. Our AMFY team suit is approved, and is a GREAT choice for all swim meets.

NEW TECH SUIT RULE USA swimming (and thus, YMCA) has begun their long-planned tech suit ban for 12 and under swimmers. Simply put, if a swimmer is 12 years old or younger, they may NOT wear a tech suit for any meets. Suit manufacturers are adapting their racing suits accordingly to have options for 12 and unders that are faster than a standard suit but NOT tech suits. More information about that will come soon. But for now, only those 13 and older may wear tech suits. A link is below with more information about the new tech suit rule.  

NEW AGE GROUP DETERMINATION Largely due to the new tech suit rule, our league has voted to change the age-up date for age groups. Previously, a swimmer's age as of December 1 for fall/winter and June 1 for summer determined a swimmer's age for that season. Now, our league will match USA Swimming and most other YMCA leagues in the country and a swimmer's age as of the first day of the meet will determine his/her age group for that meet. This will begin immediately. It only REALLY affects those who have birthdays in December, January and February when it comes to making cut times for champs meets. Our league is considering options for our AA Champs meet to see if those who age up just before AA champs can get opportunities to compete at AA Champs even if they don't meet the new qualifying standards for their "older" age group. More on that to come.

Qualifying times for AA'S are the same for this season as last season.


SUMMER SESSION THREE (August 17 through September 3)

We are offering an abbreviated final summer session. This shortened session (only 3 weeks) will permit us to continue training without a gap and will then help align us better with the YMCA's schdeules.


  • White and Blue groups will only be offered at North Y (Celina). Silver and Gold will still be options both North Y and South Y.
  • We modified Session Two's practice schedule slightly to end earlier whenever possible. This will help kids get home earlier when school restarts. There still are no Friday practices.
  • All participants need to be YMCA members. It is preferable that you are a member at Auglaize Mercer YMCA, but other area YMCA memberships will be valid.
  • Registration will begin on our team website for previous AMFY swimmers Wednesday, August 12 at 8am. Spaces are first come, first serve.
  • We will have no more than 3 swimmers per lane
  • Swimmers should bring their own equipment if they have it. Fins would be great! We will not be able to use any equipment or lost-and-found items at the pool.
  • Please arrive promptly and plan to pick your swimmers up promptly after practice.
  • PLEASE HAVE YOUR SWIMMERS COME TO PRACTICE ALREADY IN THEIR PRACTICE SUITS!!! Restrooms are available, but locker rooms may be closed for cleaning.




This session is three weeks long! The dues have been prorated based on Session Two's prices.

    • WHITE GROUP (Ages 8-10): Y MEMBER COST $42
      • Monday 4-5p, Wednesday 4-5:15p, Thursday 4-5p
    • BLUE GROUP (Ages 9-12): Y MEMBER COST $42
      • Monday 5-6p, Tuesday 4-5:15p, Thursday 5-6p
    • SILVER GROUP (Ages 11-15): Y MEMBER COST $51
      • Monday 6-7p, Tuesday 5:15-6:30p, Wednesday 5:15-6:30p, Thursday 6-7p
    • GOLD GROUP (Ages 14-18): Y MEMBER COST $57
      • Monday 7-8:30p, Tuesday 6:30-8p, Wednesday 6:30-8p, Thursday 7-8:30p
    • SILVER GROUP (Ages 11-15): Y MEMBER COST $57
      • Monday 6:30-8p, Tuesday 6:30-8p, Wednesday 6:30-8p, Thursday 6:30-8p
    • GOLD GROUP (Ages 14-18): Y MEMBER COST $57
      • Monday 6:30-8p, Tuesday 6:30-8p, Wednesday 6:30-8p, Thursday 6:30-8p