2019 LC Evaluations

Dublin Sea Dragon Evaluations

Long Course Spring/Summer 2019

New Swimmer Evaluations


The Sea Dragons do have minimum qualifications to participate in the program. If this is your first time joining the team, you are required to come to an evaluation at the DCRC or obtain an accepted reference from your summer team coach. At the evaluations, the coach determines if each swimmer is swim team ready or if they need more personal and fundamental attention in swim lessons or the youth fitness swim class. Swimmers are able to “re-evaluate” if needed. 

References from prior coaches may be communicated to Patrick Johnston: OR 


Evaluations will be held on March 20th from 5:00-6:30 p.m. at the DCRC. Additional days and times may be added and posted

When scheduling an appointment please include:

         Prior swim experience

         USA Swimming ID# if you are coming from another USA Swimming club

         Age of the swimmer

         Gender of the swimmer


This information will be used to help place the swimmer properly upon evaluation.


Completing an evaluation DOES NOT save your swimmer a place in the Sea Dragons program.