Registration/Team Fees

Registration for the 2017-18 Short Course season will be available through the Team Unify website.

Returning Swimmer Registration begins August 21st at 7pm.

New Swimmer Registration begins Monday August 28th at 7pm.

New Swimmers must complete a new swimmer evaluation or provide an accepted reference from your summer team coach. Completing an evaluation does not guarantee your swimmer a spot on the team.

Below are the team fees and the DCST booster fees that will be paid by Roster Group.

 Team fees must be paid in full at registration while DCST booster fees will have the option of lump sum (billed September 1st) or monthly payments (first payment due September 1st followed by 3 monthly payments October-December).  If you would like to take advantage of the monthly payment option for your DCST booster fees, once your registration is approved, please contact David Lloyd at

Teams fees cover swim training and coaching fees.  Booster fees cover the social events, team shirt, USA swimming membership and meet fees for the prepaid meets.



    Booster Fees
Group  Team Fees  Lump Sum Monthly due Sept. 1st Monthly installments
Mini Dragons  $     154.00  $   131.00  $                       131.00  $                    -  
AG 1 Boys  $     363.00  $   260.00  $                       131.00  $                43.00
AG 1 Girls  $     363.00  $   260.00  $                       131.00  $                43.00
AG 2 Boys  $     407.00  $   305.00  $                       131.00  $                58.00
AG 2 Girls  $     407.00  $   305.00  $                       131.00  $                58.00
AG 3  $     407.00  $   305.00  $                       131.00  $                58.00
Green  $     540.00  $   323.00  $                       131.00  $                64.00
White  $     540.00  $   335.00  $                       131.00  $                68.00
Orange  $     660.00  $   317.00  $                       131.00  $                62.00
Senior  $     300.00  $   131.00  $                       131.00  - 


Meet fees cover the following meets for each roster group.  Mini Dragons and Senior swimmers do not have any prepaid meets as part of their booster fees.

For example... AG1 boys, you pay $363 team fee AND $260 lump sum all at once. Or you have the option to pay the $363 team fee PLUS the $131 at registration, you then will be billed 3 monthly installments of $43. Total fees $623 AG1

AG1:  GCSTO Kick-Off B Meet, Upper Arlington Golden Bear Meet, Penguin Plunge, Tri-Meet, New Albany Kicker Classic, and either the Barbara Kay Mini Meet or Regionals (depending on age at the date of that meet)

AG2 and AG3:  John Bruce, Upper Arlington Golden Bear Meet, Thanks For Giving, Penguin Plunge, Tri-Meet, Kelly German and Regionals

Green:  John Bruce, Upper Arlington Golden Bear Meet, Thanks For Giving, Tri-Meet, Kelly German and Regionals

White:  John Bruce, Lunsford, Thanks For Giving, Tri-Meet, Kelly German and Regionals

Orange:  Lunsford, Thanks For Giving, Tri-Meet, Kelly German and Regionals


The coaching staff may have meets that the swimmers are expected to attend in addition to those that are paid as part of the booster fee.  The cost of those meets will be billed when those meets occur.

Fees for meets that are not part of the prepaid meets will be billed to your account after the registration deadline based on the fees described in the meet document.  Those fees become due once you have committed and the registration deadline passes as the Boosters will cut a check to the meet host based on that registration.  The meet hosts do not provide refunds to the Boosters for swimmers that commit but do not end up attending, so refunds are not available based on attendance.


Registration letter sent out to families: