2019 Long Course Fees

Fees for the upcoming long course season, by group, are below.  Mini Dragons, AG1 and AG3 only participate in the spring portion of the long course season, ending on May 26th.  AG2 has both a full season and a spring only option.

Coaching fees cover swim training and coaching costs as well as lane space.  Booster fees cover social events, team shirts, and awards. 

For any new swimmers that have not previously been members of a USA Swimming Swim Team, you will also be charged $73 for a USA Swimming membership.  The USA Swimming membership is required for all swimmers that participate on a competitive swim team like the Dublin Community Swim Team and is paid by the Boosters to USA Swimming on your behalf.

For returning families, the registration system will require you to pay for any meet fees incurred since the last credit card run as part of the registration.  This will include fees for Barbara Kay, the Senior Meet and JO's.  See below for steps on how to see your current account balance.

For this long course season only, we will not be using the prepaid meet fee structure that has been used in previous seasons.  All meets will be on a "pay as you go" basis.

Fees for meets that your swimmer commits to are billed to your account after the registration deadline based on the fees described in the meet document, which can be found on the meet page near the bottom of the home page (see the screenshot below).  Those fees vary by meet but are typically $5-$6 per event plus $2 per swimmer. 

Questions about coaching fees should be directed to Coach Wadley.  Questions about booster fees, billing or meet fees can be directed to David Lloyd at

Those fees become due once you have committed and the registration deadline passes as the Boosters will cut a check to the meet host based on that registration.  The meet hosts do not provide refunds to the Boosters for swimmers that commit but do not end up attending, so refunds are not available based on attendance.  The fees will be charged to your credit card on the 1st of the month following the meet.

Finding Detail on Your Charges

You can also see the details behind what hit your credit card in any given month by selecting My Account on the left hand side of the web page, then picking the option under that that also says My Account.  Select the tab that says "Dues Schedule" and then hit the button that says "View Account Invoices".  Under Current Invoice Summary it will show detail on the most recent charges and you can also select previous months to see detail on those under Billing History, near the bottom.  See the screen shots below:

This next screen will pop up after you hit the View Account Invoices Button.