Pick 3 Lotto

Welcome to our Pick 3 Fundraiser Information page!  The link below will get you to a one page .PDF file for you to use.  It could be placed at your work station for passerby's to see or hung on your employee bulletin board with your name on it...

We will be selling the Pick 3 tickets during the months of May and June.  All ticket stubs and money must be turned in by June 28, 2018.  If you would like to turn your stubs and money in prior to the deadline, please let me know.  I would be happy to meet you and pick them up.

All winnings will be sent via mail by August 15, 2018.  They will be sent to the address on the ticket stubs - so please make sure you get all the required information.  Including the swimmer's last name on the stub is very helpful also...

Please feel free to contact me (text or call) with questions....

Sandra Laws   419.348.1017

Pick 3 Informational PDF

Please remember, per the Fundraising Agreement, each family is required to sell 20 tickets.  


July 2018 Pick 3 Fundraiser WINNERS!!

Checks will be mailed to all winners on August 15th, 2018!

Date Pick3#  W? Winner Name Swimmer Sold
S 7/1/18
M 7/2/18 494 Y Haas  
T 7/3/18 119 Y Katayama  
W 7/4/18
694 N    
R 7/5/18
F 7/6/18 007 N    
S 7/7/18 955 Y A Tucker Horstman
S 7/8/18 149 N    
M 7/9/18 507 N    
T 7/10/18 897 N    
W 7/11/18        
R 7/12/18        
F 7/13/18        
S 7/14/18        
S 7/15/18        
M 7/16/18        
T 7/17/18        
W 7/18/18        
R 7/19/18        
F 7/20/18        
S 7/21/18        
S 7/22/18        
M 7/23/18        
T 7/24/18        
W 7/25/18        
R 7/26/18        
F 7/27/18        
S 7/28/18        
S 7/29/18        
M 7/30/18        
T 7/31/18