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Team Volunteer Information

Photo by Sylvain Cordier

Team Member Volunteer Requirement

Please remember that we require each family in Levels 2, 3, 4 & 5 group to provide workers for 6 sessions of our own GCSTO hosted swimming meets. Level 1 families, participating in meets or not, are required to work at least a minimum of 3 sessions of our own hosted fall/winter swimming meets in order to help us ensure that these meets are run successfully. A session lasts about 3-4 hours and having 1 person work 6 of these sessions or 6 people working 1 of these sessions (or any combination in between) fulfills this requirement. We generate over $50,000 a year on these meets which truly helps to keep our team fee expenses down thus the reason everyone in these levels is required to participate. This is true whether your athlete is participating in meets or not with us so please make note of that.

Please CLICK HERE For Current Credit Listing (TBA after our first meet)

Pre-Event Sign-Ups

Please don’t simply show up to a meet expecting to try and work as it may already be filled up with volunteers. Sign up in advance and note that you may work sessions that your athletes aren’t swimming in to ensure that you are able to get in your full work requirement. Many families already have to do this as their athletes may never be in any one of our meets so this is not an uncommon practice and is just fine to do. 

How To Sign Up To Volunteer At Meets

It's all done right here on our EVENTS page and is a REALLY simple process. Simply click the "Job Signup" button and sign up for the volunteer opportunity of your choice. Note that you will receive email and text reminders of your volunteer assignment 7 days out from the event and then, again, 1 day prior to the event.   

Missed Volunteer Session Assessment 

Note that we do have to have a fine system in place to ensure we’re taken care of in this category. The fine breakdown is as follows: 1 missed session: $25, 2 missed sessions: $60, 3 missed sessions: $120, 4 or more missed sessions: $50 per session. We then take this fine money and use it to pay the families who had to work more than their 6 sessions to ensure that we had enough volunteers for our meets or the visiting team families who help in the same way.

At Home Volunteer Options

There are several "at-home" volunteer options available for the season such as publicity for swim meet results, shopping swim meet for concessions, swimmer's incentive reward programs and such. If you are interested in one of these positions watch for calls for help in our newsletters or contact coach Nye to get your name on a list of volunteers to fill these positions. 

Food Donations

At each of our swimming meets we run a concession stand for everyone at the meet.  As well, we offer hospitality to our workers, coaches and officials to ensure that they are properly fed and hydrated. To ensure that we can offer high quality options in both areas we ask our families to help donate small items of food at each meet. We have developed a listing of such concessions and hospitality donations and created a sign-up on our web site under the events tab. 

You can sign up to bring what is easiest for you to bring based on what is available for each meet. Please note that 100% of our net sales from our concession stand goes to our Booster Club which supports our athletes by providing them with our yearly "spirit packages", with our yearly "fire up bowling party" and with our "athlete incentive program".  Your efforts in this area helps to ensure that we can provide such high quality things to the athletes on the team!  

Once we get this aspect of our web page live we will email you home instructions on how to do this right here on this site. It'll be done right there on our home page and is a REALLY simple process. That should be done shortly so stay tuned for that aspect of the site to go live.

Special Incentive For GCSTO Offices

We have an EXCELLENT specialized financial incentive program for our parents who volunteer as officials for our team. Please CLICK HERE to read up more about that!


Your help continues to make our meets GREAT places to be and our team an even GREATER place to be!