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Records, Times & Times Standards 

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GCSTO Records, Times & Time Standards

GCSTO 2019/2020 Times Chart (Includes our 3% & 6% Club Standards)  

GCSTO Short Course Team Records - Individual Events (as of 12/9/19)

GCSTO Short Course Team Records - Relay Events (as of 11/7/19)

GCSTO Long Course Team Records - Individual Events (as of 11/7/19)

GCSTO Long Course Team Records - Relay Events (as of 11/7/19)


State Time Standards

2020 Short Course (SC) Age Group State Championship Qualifying Times

2020 Long Course (LC) Age Group State Championship Qualifying Times - TBA


 National Time Standards

2017 to 2020 National Motivational Time Standards - By Age Group

2019-2020 Scholastic All-America Qualifying Times - TBA

2019 SC Winter Junior Nationals Time Standards

2019 SC Winter Nationals Time Standards

2020 SPEEDO Central Zone Sectional Time Standards

2020 LC Future's Meet Time Standards

2020 LC Summer Junior Nationals Time Standards - TBA

2020 LC Summer Nationals Phillips 66 Time Standards - TBA 

2020 USA Swimming Olympic Team Selection Meet Time Standards

Individual Times, Rankings & More 

GCSTO's TOP 10 RANKINGS 2019.2020 Short Course Season - TBA

GCSTO's TOP 10 RANKINGS 2020 Long Course Season - TBA

These are a listing of our top 10 times in each event (top 5 for seniors) as performed by current GCSTO members. The list is drawn up based on performances between the dates of 9/1/17 & 8/31/18. 


* Below is the link to public viewing of times loaded to USA-SWIMS, the official USA data base of times giving you individual athlete times, rankings, IMX scores and more. If the meet was an Ohio LSC meet, you should see the results in SWIMS following a 1AM load within 24 hours of this email. In some cases, a delay by up to a week will occur due to unusual processing or errors that need to be fixed by the meet host. If the meet was held outside of Ohio, it is up to the policies of the host LSC to determine the loading policies of meets. Any times achieved at approved or observed High School meets (such as Ohio HS Districts and States) as well as some YMCA Championship meets (such as Y AA’s or Y Nationals) should be loaded to this database per the guidelines and time lines established by the LSC or organization that hosts the meet...

*Below is the Ohio High School records page with all HS records from boys and girls Division I and II. Ohio High Schools span across the entire state and may include athletes that are from the Lake Erie USA-swimming Chapter (Cleveland and Canton area)... CLICK HERE

* Below is the Ohio LSC website's link to the Ohio Swimming, Inc. State Records...