Class Type Descriptions

Group Classes


Minimum and Maximum swimmers per group class

Parent-Tot:                                                      3-5 swimmers

Preschool 1 - School-Age Beginner 1:           3-4 swimmers

School-Age Beginner 2 - Advanced:              3-5 swimmers


Preschool Level Class Lengths

6 class session:     30 minutes

5 class session:     36 minutes


School-Age Level Class Lengths

6 class session:     45 minutes

5 class session:     54 minutes



Private Classes


  • 1 to 1 Instruction
  • 30 minute classes
  • We suggest that those children who may have difficulties in group classes, who have a fear of water, or who do better in one-on-one environments take advantage of these privates. 
  • Private classes are also open to anyone desiring such instruction.



Semi-Private Classes


  • 2 to 1 Instruction
  • 30 minute classes (6 class session)   -or-   36 minute classes (5 class session)
  • Participants should have the same or similar ability.
  • It is suggested that those wanting semi-private classes should have a second participant already co-arranged for such a class otherwise the scheduling of such a class will be by pure chance.




Important Notes for Private & Semi-Private Classes:

  • Private & Semi-private classes are scheduled on the same days & times as group lessons.
  • The scheduling of a Private and Semi-Private classes are superseded in priority by group classes in terms of scheduling when time and space are limited.
  • Cancellation of private or semi-private lessons in attempt to re-schedule a make-up must be done at least 24 hours before the scheduled class AND must have confirmation of receipt by the head instructor to be eligible for re-scheduling.
  • Only 1 such cancellation per session is accepted.There is an $8 per 30 minutes administrative charge for such cancellations
  • For additional such cancellations or missed classes, no financial credit will be given but the participant(s) will be allowed to make up their class in one of our group lessons classes (within the guidelines of group class make up policy).