Registration Information

Registration & Schedule Information


Schedule Creation

We have a very creative scheduling format in that we do not have a consistent pre-set class schedule in relation to the exact times that our classes are offered each day. We set our schedule around the registrations we receive. This allows us to ensure that families with more than one participant have class times that coincide with one another, to hold as many or as few classes of any given level as is needed, and to help work around special needs that our families may have (as much as we possibly can).


Group Class Minimums

We need 3 participants to be able to run a class, so if we have 3 pre-paid requests for a given class level, we will run that class. We reserve the right to run combine level classes, with levels of similar skill sets, to help meet the 3 participant minimum.

For school age and adult classes we will automatically default to a semi-private class when we have 2 participants registered for the same level. For cases in which an additional fee would be due when switching to semi-private we will contact you ahead of setting the schedule to confirm your preference.


Special Considerations

We arrange the schedule so that those families who have more than 1 participant in different levels/classes will have their classes at the same time, or at the very least class times that are scheduled back-to-back.

We also take into account any specific scheduling requests such as getting in or out before a certain time, being with a certain gender instructor (when available), and/or carpooling needs.



Due to the intricacy of this scheduling process, pre-registration is required, and once the schedule is set, no refunds can be issued.



Registration Confirmation

Mail-in registrants

  • You will be emailed, or called if an email is not provided, within 48hrs of receipt of their registration to let them know that their registration has been received and if it was complete.


On-line registrants

  • You will receive an automated email immediately.
  • Additionally, you may log into your account at any time to confirm your registration.
  • Once the registration deadline passes, you’ll receive email confirming your participation for the upcoming session.


Class Schedule Notification

  • We will contact you 3-4 days prior to the start of your classes confirming class dates, exact times & the name of your instructor.
  • If you do not hear from us within 3 days prior to the start of the session please contact your head instructor immediately.




Please feel free to contact us! 

Erin Harris, Head Instructor for all Indoor facilities, can be reached at 614-582-2597 or (the telephone # is suspended due to the COVID outbreak so please use her email, only)