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This may be used as a Team or Individual Swimmer Fundraiser

Kroger Community Rewards Program – Swimmer Fundraising Instructions

Do you or does anyone you know shop at Kroger?

With a little effort and no additional cost or sales, a percentage of most purchases you already make in the store will credit to your swim account YEAR ROUND!! As individual swim fees for the season are complete, any monies for your swimmer will be held and applied to your fees next year. At this time, the board’s decision is that if your swimmer does not return to the team next year, the unused fees will revert to the team. (Of course, we hope everyone comes back, making this a moot point!) Even if you do not want to do the quarterly reporting, please sign up your card, and monies generated will go straight to the GMVY Wahoo Parent Custody account.  This is in addition to the Kroger rewards & fuel points accumulated with your card.


1. Enroll your Kroger Plus card (and anyone who is willing to do quarterly reporting on your behalf) and designate the GMVY Wahoos with the donation.

To enroll your card:

If you do not have an account, Click Create an Account and follow the instructions. Then, go down the page to Register/Link your Plus Card and click Enroll Now.  You will be asked to provide the organization name - GMVY Wahoos Swim Team or the organization # 82936.


If you want the Kroger Community Rewards to come to the Wahoo Parent Custody Account, you are done now.


If you want your Kroger Community Rewards to go to a specific family account, continue with step 2.


2.   If you want the amount applied to your family’s team fees, each person with a registered Kroger Plus card on your behalf will need to check quarterly to get the amount the card generated for GMVY Wahoos.   


3.  To find the quarterly amount of your rewards, go to, click on Sign In at the top right corner, enter your email & password & enter.  On the next page, click My Account, then Account Summary.  At the bottom of the account summary will be information and the most recent quarter contribution to the Kroger Community Rewards.


4.  The quarterly rewards information needs to be accessed and reported to Trisha, our Wahoo Bookkeeper during the following time periods.  There will be an email reminder sent through TU two days before the period opens.


March 1-5, June 1-5, September 1-5, December 1-5


5. Email Trisha Robinson at [email protected] by the 5th with:

a. your swimmers name

b. the amount or amounts the reward program indicated

c. the total number of cards

(Ex. Jane Swimmer, $35.18, one card)

Tricia will track and provide the totals to the Y in order for them to credit your swimmer’s account. There is an obvious honor system here and any discrepancies in the totals we get from the program and the totals from families may negate this opportunity to credit our individual accounts. Application is ONLY for monthly team fees.


5. Annually in April, Kroger requires that participants re-enroll. You will need to do this to assure undisrupted collection of your rewards money.  However, anyone can enroll at any time.  The process is the same to re-enroll as it is to enroll.